Packing is usually one of the most dreaded parts of any move, but you don’t have to go it alone. Although we do offer full-service packaging, we do understand that there may be some things you may want to pack for yourself. That’s why we created our partial packing service. We want to deliver the best service and value for each and every customer.

If, for example, you don’t mind packing up the clothing and linens in your bedroom but dread packing up the delicate items in the kitchen, just let us know. We’d be happy to do the “dirty work” for you. And we’re rather good at it too!


Here’s how it’ll work. Simply hire us to pack the stuff you’d rather not pack yourself and order boxes and packing material for the stuff you will be backing. We offer free delivery on all purchased boxes, and we offer value packs at a discount. We believe we offer the best partial packing service in Boston. The good news is that you can take advantage of the service whether you are moving down the block or out of state.

We understand that packing represents a major part of the relocation process, but it is just as important to pack your items safely when you’re moving across town as it is when you’re moving across the country. Trust Stairhopper Movers to get the job done right every time, whether you’re moving your home or office. Get your move started by calling our award-winning customer service staff for a free quote today!


1. Fast and efficient
2. Safe and damage-free
3.Affordable & competitive prices
4. Long distance moves to all 48 states in the USA
5. Next-day service to Northeastern/ eastern states
6. Single customer delivery, only your belongings in the truck
7. Locally-owned and operated – no affiliates or stop-overs at processing facilities
8. We have been helping residents and businesses move in Boston since 2001


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