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According to theorists, three of life’s biggest stressors are death, divorce and moving. Moving from Boston to Michigan can be especially daunting as the moving requires you to travel 875.5 miles or 14 plus hours away from your original destination. All this while taking with you all your worldly possessions. For peace of mind and the safety and security of your home contents and personal mementos, we and our team of Boston to Michigan Movers should be your company of choice!

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Customer Service

It is the role and responsibility of the entire Team of Boston to Michigan movers to strive to ensure that each and every client is treated uniquely and professionally. Stairhoppers team hope each family experiences the world-class services that we offer on a personal level. We are very proud of our A+ referral rate of over 90 percent as well as our five-star rating on Yelp. Our team strives to maintain our excellent testimonials and reviews by ensuring our staff go above and beyond to ensure your happiness.

Quotation Requirements

Stairhoppers look forward to working with you to ensure when moving from Boston to Michigan that the journey is as painless as possible. To receive an affordable and realistic quote for this move, please submit a detailed list of the household contents. We also need the dates of the preferred move and any other special requirements that require. Remember, our quotes are binding. So please ensure you add in any extra requirements or services to allow us to give you a reasonable estimate. We stick to our estimates unless requirements or circumstances change prior to or during the move.

Cost Implications

As Boston to Michigan Movers, we are fully aware and abreast of the current economic status of the country and the entire world. Therefore, we strive to ensure that our service offers the most efficient yet cost-effective experience for all our clients.

We are realistic in our costing and pricing to ensure its affordability for everyone. Moving from Boston to Michigan can be daunting and expensive under most circumstances. We try and alleviate some of the cost and stress for you.

At Stairhoppers, we pride ourselves in ensuring the affordability of our Services by:

Our fleet management team map the travel route from Boston to Michigan. This results in the quickest, yet safest options. Thereby ensuring cost-effective usage of fuel and other travel cost implications.

We select all packaging materials from service providers who offer the best quality for the most affordable prices. This helps reduce the packaging costs whilst simultaneously ensuring the safety of the items.

The team of Boston to Michigan Movers are highly experienced in loading and packing fleet vehicles. Optimum use of space ensures the number and size of vehicles required are specific to the actual needs of the shipment, lowering the cost implications for you.

We track and trace all Stairhoppers fleet vehicles using advanced technology. Our fleet management team ensure the safety and security of each shipment using their advanced experience and skills. This helps us ensure your goods arrive safe and sound.

Packed as private cargo, our trucks do not stop at depots on the way. This maintains the integrity of your move as your goods are not disturbed or mixed with others.

Moving Boston To Michigan Mi

Why Choose Us

Why Use Us?

Thanks to Stairhoppers years of experience in the industry, and especially in long-haul moves, we have the perfect combination of teamwork, professionalism, efficiency and reliability, to ensure your timeous move from Boston to Michigan. Stairhoppers have a large fleet of vehicles that are trustworthy and roadworthy for the transportation of your goods. Our team of Boston to Michigan movers also have all the required licenses and permits, qualifications, experience and training. This ensures that each delivery is done so on time, safely, securely, and following the legal requirements.

When moving from Boston to Michigan you can trust in our team. They are fully trained and experienced in the precise packaging of all your household and personal goods. Each item is assessed, analyzed and packaged. We use the best packaging material according to each item’s specific requirement. Fragile and breakable items such as glasses, paintings, and ornaments are packaged to ensure the safe transporting of these items. Heavy and bulky furniture, such as lounge suites, beds, tables, bookcases are also packaged and loaded to ensure a damage-free journey. Once packaged or boxed, the vehicle is packed and loaded to ensure that the entire load is secured and protected.

We offer full-service packing where we pack everything for you. Partial packing where we only pack the items you specifically designate. Or you can pack it all yourself and we load it up, ready to go. If you decide to pack it yourself, we can also assist in supplying all the necessary packaging materials to keep your goods safe.



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Your New Home:The Great Lake State, Michigan

What a great place to be moving to with its fascinating lakes and breath-taking landscapes. Lake Superior is actually the largest freshwater lake in the entire world. Lake Superior is extremely deep at 1330ft, making it deeper than the height of the Empire State Building. Not only is the Great Lake State an interesting geographical destination, but it also has a strong, developing economy. This is reassuring in these difficult global economic times. What a beautiful and resourceful state to make your home!

Make sure to try out some of the local cuisine including Mackinac Island fudge for the sweet tooth, Frankenmuth Chicken, Coney Island Hot dogs, and Detroit style Pizza that the Mitten state is famous for! Known for football, automobiles and Motown, Michigan is an eclectic mix of everything American!

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