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Relocating to a place which is 10 hours away, across the country from Boston, is a big job. Moving from Boston to Virginia takes a lot of time, money and manpower. There is no need for this stress while you also need to acclimatize to your new living environment. Put those worries in our court. Nineteen years of experience in the field of moving has equipped us to help you extremely well.

Relocating to a place which is 10 hours away, across the country from Boston, is a big job. Moving from Boston to Virginia takes a lot of time, money and manpower. There is no need for this stress while you also need to acclimatize to your new living environment. Put those worries in our court. Nineteen years of experience in the field of moving has equipped us to help you extremely well.

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In a fast-paced world time is money. This you realize when you move on your own should you have to renew your lease on the moving truck. All of this because you needed an extra day to pack your things. With a company of Boston to Virginia movers, you won’t have this problem. Years in the industry have taught us to pack quickly, efficiently and delicately. All the logistics of the move are up to us and your move will happen swiftly and with as little stress to you as possible.

When moving from Boston to Virginia be sure to save time by making use of our moving company. We have qualified staff who are all invested in our clients’ needs. You will be getting the manpower you need to have your possessions moved far across the country. We will do this with considered urgency to avoid delays. While time is money, money is also money. Here is how we are going to help you save your money too.


Our company of Boston to Virginia movers wants to save you money. Moving isn’t just about getting our clients’ possessions from point A to point B. It is about making sure they get there safely, undamaged and on time. This is what our team is trained for. They have expertise in moving large fragile objects. They move it efficiently and with the utmost of care. We make sure you don’t lose money, through items that might sustain damage during a move. We make sure this doesn’t happen to the best of our ability.

When you are moving from Boston to Virginia the last thing on your mind should be financial concerns. We try to alleviate this stress through making sure we can give you the most competitive price available. This means you will be paying the market price while still gaining excellent quality and expertise. Get the most out of your money when you move with us.


Moving is a difficult task. You must pack a home into a truck, drive the truck and unpack it again into a home. You must drive over 600 miles across the country when you are moving from Boston to Virginia. Our company’s experience and expertise comes in handy when an unexpected situation crosses our path. You never know what might happen during a move therefore it is good to have us on your side. We have 19 years moving experience and can preempt many of the usual pitfalls along the way.

We have loads of manpower, the necessary resources, experience, expertise and the necessary networks. There is almost no move that is too difficult for our company of Boston to Virginia movers. Take the day off as we take care of your move. Save time and money with our service and you will have the time and money to afford a day off!

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Our company of Boston to Virginia movers abide by strict company policy when dealing with your possessions. There is a policy on how to care for your possessions that workers are trained on. They tend to go the extra mile in ensuring our clients get the best service. The things you care about, we care about. This means we care for your possessions in such a way that the company policy ends up just being a guideline. Caring for your possessions comes naturally to us.

It could be worrying when you are moving from Boston to Virginia whether or not your possessions are in good hands. After years in the industry, we know how to look after your goods extremely well. Don’t just take our word for this. We have many great online reviews. On one of the most critical platforms, Yelp, we have a five-star review. We also have loads of reviews on Google. Proof of our professionalism is that we are the leading choice for movers for a lot of realtor companies.



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Your New Home:Moving to the “Birthplace of a Nation”

Moving from Boston to Virginia is exciting! You will be living in the state of mountain lovers. You will have the ability to retreat away from the busy city life into mother nature from time to time. Most of the Appalachian Trail runs through Virginia. If you are a hiker you are in for a treat. Luckily with us you won’t have to hike with your possessions all the way to Virginia!

With many U.S. presidents having been born in this state you know that its history and heritage runs deep. Our company of Boston to Virginia movers will get you settled in, in no time. This means you will have time to see and explore Virginia’s rich history. You might like Jamestown which is America’s first English settlement. You might also want to explore Pocahontas Island which is America’s oldest free black community. There is more than enough to see and learn in Virginia.

Virginia truly is at the heart of American culture. The first thanksgiving was held there in 1619. Today it is known for country cured ham, oysters, blue crab, mountain trout and Brunswick Stew. Virginia is also the “Internet Capital of the world”. What more could you want when you are moving from Boston to Virginia? A state steeped in heritage and full of culture yet still dynamic and up to date with popular culture.

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I just used Stairhoppers for a long distance move from Newton, MA to Atlanta, GA. I had done couple moves over past 5 years and was always so disappointed and unhappy with my movers! I picked Stairhoppers based on their excellent rating and I should confess that I am so happy about my decision. Why? because I did not have to deal with any surprises. They were super professional! Adrian (owner) surveyed my house and gave me a flat rate for my move…They did not charge me a penny more than that. I had checked with many other companies and their rate was really fair. The pickup and delivery happened exactly as they had promised and I loved their punctuality. They moved my stuff with such care that nothing was scratched.Overall, I give them the best recommendation and highest rating. As a matter of fact I will definitely use them for my future moves…They are excellent!
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These guys were wonderful! Used them for a move from NY to Boston. They picked up my stuff in NY on Saturday and delivered on Sunday in Boston. They were thorough, professional, and hard working. And the price was great. Unlike many companies, they can guarantee a price that is not based on weight, but on an inventory you send them. I highly recommend!
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It was a wonderful experience moving local with Stairhopper Movers. The two movers that moved my daughters things were friendly, polite and efficient! We will definitely be using this Boston moving company again! And no one can beat their prices!
We had a very good move with Collin, Renee and Jaime last week – they worked very well as a team and a big thanks to them for their hard work! The office staff was also very responsive and accommodating with our various date changes. Our Boston local move was a great experience! We will definitely use Stairhoppers again if we were to move and we highly recommend them to our friends and family!
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