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Quincy, a coastal U.S. city, is rich in historic treasures. It is also known as the “Birthplace of the American Dream” and the “City of Presidents”. Not only a vibrant past but a promising future in this city attracts a lot of people from across the country. If you are planning to move to Quincy, and are searching for “Movers Quincy” then STAIRHOPPER MOVERS is at your service!

STAIRHOPPER MOVERS knows the intricacies of a move. With 20+ years of experience, we have learned the art of avoiding all possible setbacks in such ventures. With 20,000+ moves per year, we are one of the best moving companies in Quincy not for no reason.

To add to this, we have a skilful team of 70+ hard and dedicated workers. Our organization owns a fleet of air-ride trucks that by design takes extra care of the cargo. Not to mention, we provide the best quality packing material and the sturdiest equipment available in the industry. With us, you can expect your moving experience to be stress-free and pleasurable!

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Top Services That STAIRHOPPER MOVERS Offers

We are a Boston-based moving company and one of the best Bunker Hill movers. STAIRHOPPER MOVERS’ highly customizable services have helped it climb up the market ladder. Here is a list of our primary services:

Local Moves

Whether you are moving in or out of Quincy, or Bunker Hill for that matter, we have got your back! From the time we started (2001), we have gained a lot of people’s trust. Be it Bunker Hill movers or Quincy movers we have solid experience to excel at any local moving situation.

To sum up, what we have learned through all that experience is that no matter the distance of the move keeping your belongings safe is our prime priority.

Long Distance Moves

STAIRHOPPER MOVERS remains at its finest in the most difficult moves! A long-distance move or an interstate move sure brings up a lot of tension for our clients. However, when we take the project up, we never let our clients down.

We treat every interstate move as Express Deliveries. By that we mean, you can expect no delay in delivery. To add to that, we provide binding estimates which ensure that the client gets the highest amount of control over the expenses of a move.

Residential Moves

If you have searched “Movers Quincy” to find a company that can help you with a residential move then you have found the right one. We specialize in carrying bulky and immovable household objects to the most fragile ones.

People know us for being efficient in our deliveries while being fast and super safe. With our emphasis on keeping the price ranges affordable, we continue making our clients into lifetime customers.

Commercial Moves

For commercial or business moves it is essential to know how to tackle the setbacks that increase the cost. With our experience in the field, we have learned to future predict such scenarios and avoid them beforehand.

Furthermore, if you are searching for “Movers Quincy” you should also look at customer reviews to understand what clients are saying about a moving company. Additionally, you should consider checking their track record. We have been a straight A-grader in association with consumer forums like the Better Business Bureau for a decade now!

Storage & Packing

Not to brag, but we are one of the best providers of storage in Quincy. STAIRHOPPER MOVERS is one such company that provide extra space storage in Quincy. You can use them for any period you like.

If you are looking for the best Quincy MA storage, we have ones with automatic fire suppression technology and 24-hour camera surveillance. If you want to build your own office space or business or remodel your home, it would be ideal to use such storage for the time being.


If you are searching “Movers Quincy” you should try to figure out how to identify a responsible service provider from the rest. There are two ways to do that. One is where you need to find out their experience, skill, their professionalism etc. and the other is where you can look at what their customers are saying about them.

However, here are some of our reasons that make us stand apart!

Excellent Track Record

Having an impeccable track record proves that a company is trustworthy. Before choosing a company for a serious move you must check its track record. STAIRHOPPER MOVERS joined the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 2007, and have maintained an A+ grade. It is a reflection of our continuous improvement and success.

Furthermore, we also have a significant presence in the business community. STAIRHOPPER MOVERS is a proud member of The American Moving & Storage Association.

Skilful and Seasoned Team

It is the team that constitutes the crux of one of the best Quincy moving and storage companies. We understand that only the best machinery cannot make a moving company. Human resource is the key element. To be the best we select personnel with transferable skills and further provide them with specific training.

To add to that, we never run out of practice, so they are always in the groove. After 20+ years it is engraved into our muscle memory how to tackle difficult moves and keep your belongings safe.

Air Ride Moving Fleet

When we were talking about the machinery we mean our huge fleet of air ride trucks. Air ride trucks are special trucks that minimize jerky motion and keep the cargo out of harm’s way.

Along with the fleet, the tech-savvy equipment and packing materials play supporting roles. However, we think all these work in unison to do the job right.

Competitive Pricing

STAIRHOPPER MOVERS, being a family-owned company understands the necessity of staying on budget. With that understanding, we have kept the pricing of our services very competitive. Very often the affordability of our services surprises our customers and we want to keep that element of surprise going!

Our moving agency in Quincy aims to be one of the most affordable service providers while keeping the quality high



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If you are looking for “Quincy mini storage”, “packing services”, or the best “movers in Quincy, you may have found the best service provider.

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