1. Guidance, walk-trough and payment. At the time of the move, the customer or a representative must be present during the move at all times, as movers will need guidance. It is customer’s responsibility to do a final “walk-through” at the pickup location to ensure the movers have taken everything that needs to be moved. Having the form of payment, you choose to use at the end of the job ready will save you time and money.  Please note: we do not accept checks of any kind, only credit cards or cash.  We have no processing fee for the credit card transactions.

2. Parking arrangements. Parking permits are pulled by Stairhopper Movers ONLY if the customers’ requests that in writing, at least 5 business days prior to the moving date. The cost of one parking permit (one location) is $240.00. Included in this price: pulling the parking permits, posting the signs 48 h prior the moving date. Stairhopper Movers cannot be held responsible if the “No Parking” signs are taken down by neighbors/passerby/vandals. If any parking tickets/fines are applied during the move, those will be added to the final cost of the move. Our drivers reserve the right to park anywhere at his discretion to better perform services, even if he is not allowed and/or he has to double-park.

3. Certificates of Insurance: All certificates of insurance are issued after the move has been booked with Stairhopper Movers.  We ask all the customer to check in with the buildings that require proof of insurance to see what exactly they need us to list on the certificate. Most buildings require a certificate holder and an additional insured listed, so please make sure you include all that along with a fax number or email in your request for proof of insurance.  There are no additional charge for obtaining a certificate of insurance.

4. Loading/Unloading Services for trucks/containers. If Stairhopper Movers will be providing loading or unloading services only, we cannot be hold responsible for any damages, which may occur in transporting the furniture between your locations and we will be released of all liability after loading the truck prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.

5. Payment for local move. For local moves, the payment is required at the end of the move/each moving day (for multiple days move), before the moving team leaves your location. The clock will continue running until the payment has been processed completely. We accept all types of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX) and we have no processing fee for all credit/debit card payments. We do not accept checks of any kind.

6. Payment for long distance/interstate moves. For this type of moves we accept certified checks, cash and credit card payments. We have no processing fees for all credit/debit card transactions. For all interstate moves we require $ 500 deposit to secure moving dates, the crew and truck, another 50% of the remaining balance after the deposit has been deducted is due at the pickup time, as soon as the pickup is done and remaining 50% due at the delivery before unloading.

7. Damages and claims. If any damage may occur during the move, first, it must be reported to the moving team while they are still on your premises and not after they leave and secondly, notes about this damage must be listed at the end of the move on the bill of lading. A claim form provided by our office staff will have to completed and submitted to our Claims Department. Since at end of each move, the bill of lading must be signed for delivery and services provided, the final inspection of your belongings and a final walk-through is the responsibility of the customer.

8. Refrigerator/Freezer/Washer/Dryer move. Any washer or dryer that will need to be moved is required to be disconnected from the water source or gas pipe prior mover’s arrival. The movers are not allowed to disconnect those items for you. Also, make sure your freezers/refrigerator will be completely emptied so we can safely move them. If the refrigerator is connected at any water source, make sure that will be disconnected prior movers as well, as the movers are not allowed to touch it unless disconnected.

9. Aquarium/Birds cages move. We only move empty aquariums or bird cages.

10. Waterbed. If you have a waterbed that requires to be moved, bring it to our attention prior the move and keep in mind that we are not waterbed technicians so if you prefer to have a company specialized in waterbeds move that for you, please do so. We will follow your instructions, but you must make a final inspection before our crew leaves as we won’t be sending movers later on for any adjustments.

11. Dresser/Desk Drawers, File Cabinets. Please empty all your dresser drawers, file cabinets and desk drawers and have them properly packed. Remember that the furniture will have to be lifted and carried, so if it’s overstuffed and extra heavy it will be more difficult to handle not to mention if those will have to be navigated through a winding staircase, or several flights of stairs it might become a hazard so it’s usually best to remove everything, even the drawers, as it may be necessary to flip the furniture on its side or upside-down to get it through.

12. Last minute change of service. If the move requires work above the original order for moving services, Stairhopper Movers reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work. For example, if you have originally ordered services for moving only 1 (one) bedroom apartment only and on the day of the move you are adding additional rooms to move, and/or additional pick-ups/drop offs etc., which will significantly increase total move time, we reserve the right to postpone additionally requested services until our next availability and/or after completion of other jobs that day.  By doing this, we want to make sure we won’t inconvenience other customers and we will be on time for our next appointment.

13. Flat screen TVs. These are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is the best. In any case, please note that in the absence of physical evidence of external damage or negligence (visible damage) we are not responsible for any malfunctions on your TV after delivery. This applies to any electronic device that will be moved by our company.

14. Treadmill: These items are sometime difficult to be moved in one piece, therefore electrical connectors might need to be disconnected. Before we proceed with moving these items we will need to have a release of any liability signed so we can move those items for you. However, Stairhopper Movers cannot be held liable if after the move, the exercise equipment will present any malfunctions.

15. Weather conditions. Due to extreme weather conditions, Stairhopper Movers reserves the right to reschedule any move (local or long distance) at an agreed time, without any liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to heavy/freezing rain, hurricane warning, snow emergency, weather travel ban, etc.

16. Moving Team size. The size of the moving crew is determined by the number of items that will have to be packed and/or moved as well as factors like access on each moving location, walking distance, stairs, etc. We recommend a certain number of movers for each job taking in consideration all the above as well as our current schedule, availability, etc. On extreme situations, Stairhopper Movers might recommend sending extra men and/or truck during the day to complete a job if there is an overflow of items that needs to be moved, or additional packing required, a time restriction, very difficult access or very difficult pieces of furniture, etc. The hourly rate will be increased accordingly and the move will run more efficiently with more movers.

17. Heavy/Oversized item move. Under safe conditions, we move upright or baby grand pianos, appliances, safe and items over 300 lbs. Unfortunately, sometimes, due to the weight of these items, damage may result to floor surfaces or walls so before we proceed with moving these items we will have a release of any liability signed so we can move those items for you. There is a $ 150 fee/item associated with moving overweight/oversized items.

18. Piano move. We do not move large upright pianos up or down flights of stairs inside the house. We only move pianos from ground to ground floor. Exterior stairs are fine, but we encourage sending us pictures of entrances at each location, so that we can confirm that we can move your piano. There may be circumstances when we cannot safely move items and will need to discuss the situation with you. If the piano has thin legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they will not go back on if we take them off (sometimes the nut is loose inside the piano and will turn when you try to replace the leg). If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurs to them. There is a $ 200 piano fee associated with moving these instruments.

19. Safe Pathways & Access to your residence. Please ensure that your walkways are safe especially in the winter and if there are any access problems: hills, long unpaved driveways, loose gravel, very tight streets, etc., please let us know. Our drivers will not take a truck off pavement or on steep grades and they will not drive a truck over freshly graveled driveways, lawn sidewalk or other area not designated for truck traffic. Doing so may cause ruts in the grass, cracking of concrete, loss of vegetation, damage to underground sprinklers, drain fields or other damages. Stairhopper Movers is not responsible for any damage or towing charges, which may result, whether foreseeable or not. Any time spent positioning the truck(s) or time lost due to truck(s) getting stuck will be at customer's expense.

20. Reschedule and Cancelation fee.  Changes to our reservations calendar have a domino effect in our business systems and can affect other customers. That being said, we do understand that things come up and we will do our best to reschedule a move if need be but if we cannot accommodate the new date due to the fact it’s booked, Stairhopper Movers will not be held liable and the deposit will be non-refundable if a new moving date cannot be accommodated. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF CANCELLATION, REGARDLESS THE NOTICE AND REASONS FOR CANCELLATION. 

21. Right of Refusal. Stairhopper Movers will not do anything that we feel is unsafe during a move. We reserve the right not to service you under dangerous, unsanitary, or abusive conditions the determination of which is at our sole discretion and we will not be liable to you or any other entity for direct or consequential damages. Stairhopper Movers will not work in unfloored attics as ceiling damage and personal injury may result.

22. Packing Materials and Packing Service. We carry a full line of packing materials. Please check our pricing here  We also offer full or partial packing services if needed. Please call our office at 857-928-0876 for more details. You may move your  glass, porcelain, ceramics, etc. on your own. If you pack your own boxes, Stairhopper Movers will not be held liable if anything happens with the contents of you boxes during the move as we have no control over the items you pack and how they are packed.  Also, if you choose to move any items unpacked, we will move them carefully, but will not be responsible for breakage and/or resulting damage to unpacked fragile items. If you wish to have any items packed, they will be covered under basic or depreciated value as coverage (depending on the insurance plan that will be chose at the beginning of the move). Packing materials that will be used with partial or full packing services will be in addition to the hourly rate and they are not included. We can use your own packing supplies if you have any (please make sure you’ll let your foreman know about it as they won’t ask for it) but if you decline additional materials we will move the items but before, you will be asked to sign a release form.

23. Kids and pets. For safety reasons and their protection, small children and pets must be out of work area at all time.

24. Unsafe/Unique Moving Circumstances. We are sometimes asked to perform tasks that are quite dangerous and on and off impossible. Stairhopper Movers will not be responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including but not limited to, standing pieces on end, sharp turns, overcrowded work areas, difficult stairways, snags and sharp edges in work areas and doorways, handing over balconies, railings, etc., tight squeezes, and damage caused by weather. Stairhopper Movers is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to items or surroundings, as a result of a specific customer request. Before we even attempt a move that we deem unsafe or unreasonable, the customer will be asked to sign a release of liability form.

25. Flammables and Combustibles. Stairhopper Movers will not move or store flammables or hazardous material due to safety laws and DOT regulations. As you prepare for your residential move, local or interstate, there are some things you should be prepared to move yourself or leave behind.  As a moving company we are not allowed to transport any hazardous materials! This includes items that are flammable, corrosive or combustible.  For example, if you have a gas barbeque grill you will need to disconnect the propane tank and move it on your own. Your lawnmower and/or other power lawn tools must be emptied of fuel or they cannot go on the truck. You should also be sure to disconnect gas hookups for grills, or dryers and anything else that you plan to have your movers take. As movers we cannot handle gas connections. Please contact a plumber prior movers arrival as the movers will not disconnect gas appliances under no circumstances.

Non-allowable items include: Fire Extinguishers, Household Batteries, Matches, Aerosols, Chemistry Sets, Kerosene, Cleaning Solvents, Darkroom Chemicals, Gasoline, Ammonia, Pool Chemicals, Propane/Propane Tanks, Nail Polish, Nail Polish Remover, Motor Oil, Fireworks, Car Batteries, Charcoal, Charcoal Lighter, Liquid Bleach, Fertilizer, Paints (latex & oil-based), Paint Thinner, Pesticides, Firearms, Ammunition, Poisons (such as weed killer), Lamp Oils, Fuels.

Customers must make other arrangements to transport these items.

Please note: If you ship any of these goods without our knowledge, you immediately void any and all liability by our company for any and all loss or damages, and you will be held responsible for any damages, fines, warehousing costs, and delays incurred by our company resulting from the transport of these materials.

26. Deterioration/aging of the furniture. When moving household items, we have learned that deterioration occurs over time due to age/heat/dry rotting. Mattresses lump and disfigure during the move, lampshades and wiring also become brittle and rotten, and floor lamp base concrete may crumble and fell out. If you wish, we will move them carefully, but will not be responsible for damage of deteriorated items.

27. Simulated wood products and particle board furniture. These products have poor structural integrity, which does not lend itself to moving or repair. We will move these items carefully but cannot be responsible for damage of simulated wood or particle/pressed board furniture. These items are excluded from any and all moving insurance coverage. Particle board furniture it is not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move as an assembled unit. Most are not designed with the extra wood structural pieces to adequately brace the unit for movement out of or into a residence or office, nor the normal moving truck vibration, even in air-ride moving trailers. Usually chips or dents are not repairable. Surface impressions can be made on the furniture when writing on a single piece of paper – you can imagine how it must fare when stacked in a moving truck. Assembly instructions frequently suggest that connecting hardware pieces be glued in place. This does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the furniture, but does make disassembly impossible without creating substantial, irreparable damage. For these reasons, moving companies and third-party insurers do not offer increased insurance coverage for these types of items. We will do our best to transport these items for you in a safe and careful manner, but because pressed wood furniture is so unstable we are unable to offer increased cargo valuation or increased insurance on these pieces. If asked to dismantle or reassemble particle board furniture, a release form will be signed prior as we have no liability if the item once dismantled may become wobbly once is assembled back.

28. Get ready for your move. Pack everything in the appropriate sized boxes required for the items packed and mark them with the destination room. Greet the movers and show them where to park. Stay at all times around them as they might have questions or need guidance from you.  Move delicate items in your car. We are happy, to place them there and remove them. You can save money by dismantling your furniture before the movers arrive but if you don’t do it we will gladly do it for you at no additional charge, it’s just a matter of more time. Be as clear as possible with your directions to our crew.

29. Help with your move. Please note: Due to a liability issue and insurance regulation it is prohibited to allow you in the truck (box or cab of the truck) and if you choose to help with any part of the move, per our contract, we are excluded from liability for the entire move. For the same reasons, customers are also not allowed to travel with the movers so you’ll have to secure your own transportation.

30. Self-storage facility. If you are loading or unloading into or out of self-storage, we are only responsible for damage caused while loading, transporting or unloading. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide padding or paper pads to protect their goods. You can rent our blankets for $8 each. $12 per blanket is due on the day of your move, and $4 will be refunded to you when you move out of storage and return them to us. For storage we strongly recommend the use of paper pads ($4.00/each), which will offer the same protection as a regular moving blanket. We ask you to be present at the storage site to inspect and acknowledge the condition of your items. Our responsibility ends when the unloading is complete.

Terms and conditions

Sec. 1 (a) The Carrier or party in possession of the property herein described (“Property”) shall be liable as at common law for any loss thereof or damage thereto, except as herein provided.

(b) No Carrier or party in possession of all or any Property (“Carrier”) shall be liable for any loss, damage or delay caused by act of God, public enemy, war, declared or undeclared, acts of public authority, quarantine, riots, strikes, perils of navigation, act or default of Shipper or Owner, nature of Property or defect or inherit vice, occurrences in custom warehouse, or for any loss or damage in paintings, statuary, ornamental items, works of art, articles of unusual nature or value, photographs or pictures, antiques, dishes, glassware, musical instruments, vases, mirrors, marble or enamel pieces, lamps, lamp shades or other fragile articles, unless such loss or damage was caused by negligence of the Carrier, and the responsibility to prove such negligence shall be on the Shipper, except where arrangements have been made for the packing and unpacking of such articles by the Carrier or its agents. No Carrier shall be held liable for the internal malfunction of any computerized, electrical or mechanical item or piece of equipment, whether such articles are packed, unpacked, or packed and unpacked by the Shipper or its agents. No Carrier shall be liable for damage to or loss of contents of pieces of furniture, crates, bundles, cartons, boxes, barrels or other containers unless such contents are open for Carrier's inspection and then only for such articles as are specifically listed by the Shipper and receipted for by the Carrier or its agents.

(c) No Carrier shall be liable for delay caused by obstructions, faulty or impassable highways, lack of capacity of any highway, bridge, ferry, or caused by breakdown, or mechanical defect of vehicles or equipment.

(d) Carrier's liability shall be that of a warehouseman, only, for loss, damage or delay caused by a fire occurring after the arrival of the Property at destination or at the port of export and tender of delivery of the Property to the party entitled to receive it has been made. Except in case of negligence of the Carrier, Carrier shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay occurring while the Property is stopped and help or stored in transit on the request of the Shipper, owner, or party entitled to make such request, whether such request was made before or after Carrier came into possession of the Property.

(e) No Carrier shall be liable for any of the following:

  • Items of extraordinary value not listed on the High Value Inventory Form.
  • Lamps, lampshades, artwork, pictures, mirrors, artificial plants and statues which are not boxed by Stairhopper Movers.
  • Any marble or glass which is not crated or boxed by Stairhopper Movers.
  • Items found broken in boxes that have not been packed and unpacked by Stairhopper Movers.
  • Missing hardware for disassembled items, unless Stairhopper Movers disassembles them.
  • Gold leaf plaster frames and chandeliers that are not crated by Stairhopper Movers.
  • Pressboard, particleboard, or ready to assemble (RTA) furniture, parts, and/or hardware.
  • Previously damaged and repaired items.
  • Previously damaged or loose veneer.
  • Furniture where original glue has dried out.
  • Any small, loose items such as keys, remote controls, etc. which are not in a box.
  • Mechanical condition of audio/visual or electronic equipment.
  • Computers and battery-operated items in transit or storage.
  • Live plants.
  • If one item in a set is damaged, only that one item is covered by insurance, not the entire set.

Sec. 2 (a) No Carrier is bound to transport the property by any schedule, vehicle, train or vessel or otherwise than with reasonable dispatch. Every Carrier shall have the right in case of physical necessity to forward the Property by any Carrier or route between the point of shipment and the point of destination. In all cases not prohibited by law, where a lower value than actual value has been represented in writing by the Shipper or as been agreed upon in writing as the released value of the Property as determined by the classification or tariffs upon which the rate is based, such lower value less charges shall be the maximum amount to be covered, whether or not such loss or damage occurs from negligence.

(b) As a condition precedent to recovery, claims must be filed in writing with the receiving or delivering Carrier, or Carrier issuing this proposal for service and bill of landing, or Carrier in possession of the Property when the loss, damage, injury, or delay occurred, within 15 days after delivery of the Property; and suits shall be instituted against any Carrier only within two years and one day when notice in writing is given by the Carrier to the claimant that the Carrier has disallowed the claim or any part or parts thereof specified in the notice. Where claims are not filed or suits are not instituted in accordance with the foregoing provisions, no Carrier hereunder shall be liable.

(c) Any Carrier or party liable because of loss or damage to any of the Property shall have the full benefit of any insurance that may have been affected upon or because of the Property so long as this shall not avoid the policies or contracts of insurance; provided that the Carrier reimburses the claimant for the premium paid thereon.

Sec. 3 Except where such service is required as the result of Carrier's negligence, all Property shall be subject to necessary cooperage, packing and repacking at owner's cost.

Sec. 4 (a) Carrier shall have the right to retain possession of any Property transported by it and to take and place the same in storage at the charge and expense of the Shipper, until all tariff rates and charges thereon have been paid in cash, money order or certified checks. Nothing herein shall limit the right of Carrier to require, at a time of or before shipment, the prepayment in part or in full or guarantee of the charges.

(b) Property not received by the party entitled to receive it after appropriate notice, may be kept in vehicle, warehouse or place of business of the Carrier, subject to all lawful charges and to Carrier's responsibility as warehouseman only, or at the option of the Carrier, may be removed to and stored in a warehouse at the point of delivery or at other available points at the cost of the owner, and there held without liability on the part of the Carrier, and subject to a lien for all transportation and other lawful charges, including a reasonable charge for storage. In the event the Consignee cannot be found at the address given on the bill of landing for notification, the Carrier shall be discharged from liability upon sending a notice to Shipper showing the warehouse in which such Property has been placed, subject to the provisions of this paragraph.

Sec. 5 (a) Where Carrier is directed to take Property from a place or places at which the Consignee or its agent is not present, the property shall be at the risk of the owner after unloading or delivery.

(b) Where Carrier is directed to unload or delivery Property at a place or places at which the Consignee or its agent is not present, the Property shall be at the risk of the owner after unloading or delivery.

Sec. 6 No Carrier will carry or be liable in any way for documents, specie, or for any article of extraordinary value unless a special agreement to do so and a stipulated value of the articles are endorsed hereon.

Sec.7 Explosives or dangerous goods will not be accepted for shipment. Every party whether principal or agent shipping such goods shall be liable for and indemnity Carrier against all loss or damage caused by such goods and Carrier will not be liable for safe delivery for the shipment.

Sec. 8 The owner or Consignee shall pay the advances, tariff charges, packing and storage, if any, and all other lawful charges accruing on said Property. No Carrier shall deliver or relinquish possession at destination of the Property until all tariff and charges thereon have been paid. Consignor shall also be liable for the advances, tariff charges, packing, storage, and all other lawful charges, except at otherwise agreed in writing. The beneficial owner shall also be liable for all charges due to Carrier where not paid by Consignor or Consignee. If the Consignor or Consignee has given to the Carrier erroneous information as to the identity of the beneficial owner, such Consignor or Consignee shall be liable for such additional charges and any attorney's fees incurred by Carrier because of this disclosure. Nothing herein shall limit the right of the Carrier to require, at the time of shipment, the prepayment of the charges. If upon inspection it is ascertained that the articles shipped are not those described herein, the advances or tariff charges must be paid upon the articles shipped.

Sec.9 If this proposal for service and bill of lading is issued on the order of the Shipper or his agent, in exchange or in substitution for another proposal for service and bill of lading, the Shipper's signature to the prior proposal for service and bill of lading as to the statement of the value or otherwise or election for common law or bill of lading liability, in or in connection with such prior proposal for service and bill of lading, shall be considered part of this proposal for service and bill of lading as fully as if the same were written or made in or in connection with this proposal for service and bill of lading.

Sec. 10 Any alteration in this proposal for service and bill of lading made without the special notation hereon of the Carrier shall be without effect, and this document shall be enforceable according to its original tenor.

Sec. 11 All charges are due and shall be paid in full at the time services are rendered. Shipper agrees that all charges which are not so paid will accrue interest at the rate of 18% annually. Shipper further agrees, for itself and all parties benefited by Carrier's services, to promptly pay all fees and expenses of collection of unpaid balances, including but not limited to attorney's fees.


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