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The distance between Boston and Houston is one thousand, six hundred and sixteen miles. Traveling this distance is stressful and could be more so when moving from Boston to Houston when you have to take your household with you. Stairhopper Movers takes the exhaustion out of moving for you. The moving of all your possessions isn’t something for you to worry about when it’s done for you.

Let Stairhopper Movers take the burden of the full logistics of packing, traveling and unpacking of your goods for you. The transportation, packing, unpacking and storage of all your possessions is no longer a major concern for you when left to us. This also allows you more time to focus on everything else involved in moving home or offices. If there was a better solution would you still pack and move your items yourself? The reputable team at Stairhopper Movers will happily do your move for you. Choose to move in the least frustrating way possible when moving from Boston to Houston.

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Professionalism and Reliability

To earn your trust any Boston to Houston movers need a high level of professionalism. Reliability and trustworthiness are supremely important when choosing a moving company. Stairhopper Movers have passion and enthusiasm as well as experience to ensure a deep understanding of the logistics of moving your precious possessions. This means we can provide safe delivery and expedite your move quickly as well.

Having reliable movers, packers and unpackers when moving from Boston to Houston or anywhere else, guarantees the best results. By knowing your possessions will arrive safely and on time, there’s no need to dread your move. Instead, you can enjoy your move. Our staff complement of more than 70 members and a ninety-five percent referral rate are testaments to the nineteen years of experience of Stairhopper Movers. We aim to uphold the high professional standard that people have come to expect from our company. Diminishing the stress and anxiety you would usually endure during your relocation is what we aim to do.


The costs involved in making a long-distance move can cause stress. Let us ease your mind.

We have become competitive in this market through our reasonable prices, which is worked out taking multiple factors into consideration.

To determine the best price for your move, not only distance and truck size is considered. You may want to add, remove or swap packing, unpacking and valuation from your package. We design each package to suit your unique needs. Make the cost of moving from Boston to Houston drastically lower with Stairhopper Movers. Offering the best prices by removing all those unnecessary or unwanted extras is part of what we do.


As Boston to Houston movers, we offer professional packers and unpackers. We have the knowledge and experience to help with residential or commercial moves. From packing up the whole building to packing only your fragile items or anything in between, we have you covered. We treat your belongings with kid gloves so that you know we are respectful of your items. Who better to help you pack and move than Stairhopper Movers?

We understand the need to pack your own belongings. Hence why we offer a wide range of materials to make the packing process go smoother. To ensure that you have everything that you need to finish your packing, make sure that you procure extra packing materials. Better to have too much than have last-minute panic!


Life doesn’t always go the way you were expecting. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan or last-minute changes result in a disruption to your well thought out move. As they say, if things can go wrong, they often will. Stairhopper Movers can solve all your storage problems. Timing issues and downsizing are no longer a major concern. We have clean, neat storage facilities to house your goods short term or long term if needed. Our conveniently situated storage units are as safe as we can make them, reducing the concern of damage or theft. Don’t forget Stairhopper Movers when you need the best Boston to Houston movers and storage experts.

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Without fail the Stairhopper team is up for any moving, packing or storage job. Our people are the best professional movers, packers and unpackers available. Stairhopper Movers provide moves of any distance for your convenience.

Remember that we:
  • Relocate and operate in all 52 states
  • Offer port to port moves
  • Have well maintained dedicated vehicles
  • Offer express delivery

Vehicles are all fitted with GPS tracking systems for peace of mind. We also have cargo ramps and hydraulic lifts to ensure the moves go smoothly and efficiently with faster handling.

We are a twenty-four/seven moving company. If you plan to move over a weekend or in the evening, overnight, weekend or public holiday, we are available.

Stairhopper Movers is a private company and not a franchised business. This means that each delivery is private. Only your goods will be in the truck. Meaning there will never be any mix-ups or worries of belongings being swapped or lost. With commissions, hidden fees or added costs Stairhopper Movers is transparent about their pricing. They ensure their vehicles have regular cleaning and maintenances for the safety of our staff and your belongings. This comes with the added bonus of an on-time arrival. This enthusiastic team will take the frustration and anxiety of your move away so that you are left to focus on everything else you need to get done.

All Stairhopper Movers quotes are free and unless your circumstances or needs change, this is the price you will pay. Speak to us today about a complimentary quote from a specialist in the moving industry.



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Your New Home:Houston – Space City

Houston’s nickname, Space city, is due to NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Centre. The Johnson Space Centre (JSC) offer tours for the public to view and learn about NASA. Houston is a metropolis full of history. Showcasing dozens of museums such as Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Museum of Fine Arts and Children’s Museum of Houston.

Well known for their love of Football, the Houston community is a central hub for most big sports. Teams range from The Houston Astros (MBL) to The Houston Rockets (NBA) and everything in between. Houston, Texas is the best place for all those space and sports lovers out there. Let’s not forget the role it played in one of Big Bang Theory’s main characters, the quirky and lovable Sheldon Cooper.

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