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Moving Truck Fleet in Boston—Safety is Our Priority

Secure, efficient, clean, and 100% safe trucks for moving house

Top-notch and highly reliable trucks

You can avail yourself of our 24/7 moving services using our trucks that meet safety and cleanliness standards. Every high-performance vehicle in our fleet conforms to various regulations and certifications currently required in the industry.

Our trucks perform in every weather condition and situation thanks to maintenance managers who take care of every lorry’s health. We perform safety checks for every task to keep Stairhopper Movers, your belongings, and pedestrians secure.

Moving Truck Fleet In Boston

Across the street or beyond the Bay, we have the right vehicle for you

When you hire us, you have access to our fleet of trucks that can fit all your valuables and furniture. We have a great selection of truck sizes that match your requirements.

Most of the trucks lined up on our fleet boast diesel particulate filters. This revolutionary component helps to reduce hydrocarbon emissions. We also keep the environment protected while safely moving your belongings to your new home.

Have you spotted one of our trucks?

If you’re near a Stairhopper Movers truck, we’d love your photo submission from you! Please remember to leave a tag on any of our socials, too. It’s always a proud moment for us to get captured on the move.

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