While movers are most associated with taking items out of a house and moving them to another house, our Boston moving company can also provide you with in-house moving. In-house moving can involve a number of different activities. For instance, if you need to move some of the furniture in your house because you’re installing carpet, then we can take that furniture and store in one of our climate-controlled facilities until the home improvement is finished.

Likewise, we can do something simple like rearranging your furniture if you can’t do it on your own. Our in-house Boston movers will take care of your furniture and other items to ensure that you have the best in-house moving possible:

  • Rearranging furniture
  • Moving around heavy, otherwise immoveable items
  • Storing your belongings at our warehouse so that you can remodel your home in peace
  • Storing your belongings in another part of the house during remodel (or for any other reason)
  • Staging your home for sale

If you need any of these in-house moving services in Boston, then just give us a call at (857) 928-0876 today.

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Stairhopper Movers
Stairhopper Movers
Stairhopper Movers


1. Fast and efficient
2. Safe and damage-free
3.Affordable & competitive prices
4. Long distance moves to all 48 states in the USA
5. Next-day service to Northeastern/ eastern states
6. Single customer delivery, only your belongings in the truck
7. Locally-owned and operated – no affiliates or stop-overs at processing facilities
8. We have been helping residents and businesses move in Boston since 2001


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