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Traveling the two hundred and eighty-four miles from Boston to New Jersey isn’t easy with the added stress of relocation. The total upheaval of moving house is bad enough without having to worry about the nitty-gritty. Leave the how, what and where involved in the transportation, cost, packing, unpacking, storage and settling of all your possessions.

Taking on the responsibility of moving your items yourself may be the choice of some. Although many would prefer to hire a reputable moving company, such as Stairhopper Movers to do the moving for them. If you are planning on moving from Boston to New Jersey, this is the least stressful way to do it.

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Professionalism and Reliability

Any Boston to New Jersey movers would need to have a high level of professionalism to warrant your trust. As we well know, trusting the company you choose is a must when making your choice. A serious business manner and an intimate understanding of what’s moved will go a long way in ensuring that we at Stairhopper Movers can adjust our course of action to suit any situation, living up to our professionalism and reliability.

No matter if you are moving from Boston to New Jersey or to somewhere else, having reliable movers makes all the difference. Know that no matter what life throws your way, your possessions will arrive at their destination safe and sound. This will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your move instead of dreading it. We have over nineteen years of experience in the field of moving, more than 70 team members and a 95% referral rate. We at Stairhopper Movers are sure to grant you the type of reliable and professional standard that you expect. We know these are the types of things that can put a mind at ease. Let us diminish the amount of stress you have to endure.


Making a long-distance move can be nerve-racking, especially when considering the costs involved. After all, the further you have to go and the more items you have the higher the cost, right?

With Stairhopper Movers being market competitive, our prices are reasonable and based on multiple factors. Your moving cost would be based on distance, truck size, packing, unpacking and if you chose, valuation. We offer packages made to especially suit your individual needs. All this means that the cost of you moving from Boston to New Jersey shall lower. By removing all those unneeded and unnecessary extras that would normally come standard with most other companies.


As the best Boston to New Jersey movers, we know that packing can be a time-consuming painful experience. This is why we offer you our professional packaging services. Whether a residential or commercial move that you are wanting to make, we have the skills and knowledge to help. Offers range from packing your entire building to just packing your precious breakables. We offer fair pricing and the utmost respect given to your belongings.

Of course, if you would rather pack yourself, we understand that too. We offer all packing materials to make sure that you have all the essentials needed when packing up your office or home. At Stairhopper Movers we know that quality packaging can drastically limit the amount of damage done to your property while it’s moved. This is why we only offer and use the best quality packing materials. If you do choose to pack up your things yourself, please be sure that you order more than what you think you might need. Rather safe than sorry!


At Stairhopper Movers, we understand that not everything always goes the way you want it too. Sometimes someone else can throw your plans for a loop. Are you are having to downsize in office or home space but don’t want to get rid of all your extras that might not fit? We can offer the perfect solution in the form of storage. Having a timing issue and just need a space to keep all your stuff until the new place is ready? We have what you need.

Whether it is for short term or long-term storage, our facilities are the safest place to store your belongings. We strive to keep our conveniently situated storage units clean, well-kept, and as safe as humanly possible. Make sure you remember your Boston to New Jersey movers, packers, and storage experts when you need us next.

Moving Boston To New Jersey

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We have the best team of professional movers, packers and unpackers who are up for any job you need done. Don’t forget that we at Stairhopper Movers do both long-distance and short-distance moves. We cover all 52 states, port to port with dedicated trucks and express delivery. Our modern vehicles, equipped with top of the range amenities. GPS, hydraulic lifts, cargo ramps, and more to ensure that your long or short distance hauls move fast and safe.

Need to move over a weekend or late in the day, do not stress, we accommodate overnight, weekend and holiday moves. Honestly, we are an all year round, any hour moving company. Stairhopper Movers is not a franchise but privately owned. This means that every delivery is a private one, with only your belongings in our truck. We are transparent with our costs with no hidden fees or commissions. We regularly clean and maintain our vehicles to ensure the safety of your goods, our staff and on-time arrival. Our top-rated team will take the stress and frustration out of your move so that you can worry about what is important.

At Stairhopper Movers, our quotes are free and we stick by our quotes like glue. To speak to a moving specialist and receive your free quote, contact us today!



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Your New Home:Moving to New Jersey – “The Garden State”

We thought we would give you a few fun facts about your new home. New Jersey that we call the Garden State due to the large number of cranberries, blueberries and tomatoes grown here. They also developed the first seedless watermelon here. It is also known as being the home state of Jon Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra and Bruce Springsteen. Must be something in the air!

Known for its Italian food, submarine sandwiches, Taylor Ham and Scrapple, your palette will enjoy discovering the cuisine in New Jersey. While it may be the butt of jokes in popular culture, many inventions stream from this area including the light bulb, the lithium battery and the electric train. Good food, good education and great culture makes the Garden State a wonderful place to live!

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