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Did you know the first circus in the U.S. was based in Wisconsin? When you think about it the circus is a great moving company. It’s only during the show that the circus means to disrupt you with all its events. When you are moving from Boston to Wisconsin you want a moving company that does what the circus does, move efficiently and quickly!

Firstly, you want the moving company to move all your antiques or “white elephants” easily without damage. Secondly, you want to be relaxed during your move. You want us to take charge and put on a performance that will bring a smile to your face. Here are some more reasons why you would like our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers.

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We have always been alerted to changes in our industry. One thing that we cannot let happen is to be left behind when it comes to industry norms. New technology always makes the job more affordable, efficient and safe. We aren’t just keeping up with the industry anymore but are pioneering our own way forwards. When you are moving from Boston to Wisconsin you want the company that is on the frontline of the industry.

We can safely say that our competitive prices are due to these pioneering efforts. Our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers are very affordable. They do the job efficiently without wasting resources. We are happy to say that the money we save finds its way into your pockets. We aren’t profit-hungry. Our company understands that money is relative and doesn’t always provide happiness. We are therefore at our happiest when we can leave you with a smile.

We are Approachable

Our staff are all hard-working human beings. They understand what it’s like to move and leave behind your past. They understand that it can be stressful. Whatever your needs are our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers are there for you. They are very approachable, polite, friendly, and love working with people.

When you are moving from Boston to Wisconsin you will want a friendly team on your side. Let us help you relax during the move. We are complimented on our sense of humor regularly and this is important to us. Moving is also exciting and holds in many new prospects for the mover. We want to share in this exciting experience with you.

Customizing to your needs

One size does not fit all. Many moving companies give a general quote. In the end, they might end up charging you for unnecessary resources that they wasted. We only want you to spend what will be necessary. If there is anything unique you want done our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers will take care of it. They do have the ability to cater to your situation in the best way possible.

When you are moving from Boston to Wisconsin your needs are going to be unique. We will look after them. Then you will also have some needs that will be the basic level that people generally want from a moving company. Things like low cost, efficiency, professionalism and transparency. Fortunately for you, we also have all the aforementioned covered.

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Great Track Record

When you have completed a marathon many times before in your life you will know how to do it better every time. Our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers have nineteen years of experience in the moving industry. They know how to prepare for the long-distance moving marathon. They know how to make sure that they look after themselves, their equipment and your precious goods.

Fortunately for you, this analogy doesn’t completely work. Our company isn’t one marathon runner who is aging. Rather it is full of many marathon runners learning from their predecessors and then taking over. Pioneering their way forward. When you are moving from Boston to Wisconsin you want a moving company like this. A company that is always energized, learning from its past and stepping into the future.

Nineteen years in the industry makes us proud to say that we have managed thus far to stay a step ahead. It also sets up a challenge. We have a good reputation which we want to uphold. Not only do we want to keep ourselves at the best possible level, but we want our recommendations to be even better in the future. Our years in the industry aren’t just our history but a constant challenge for us to improve. Our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers are therefore even better than you might expect them to be.



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Your New Home:Moving to the Badger State

Moving from Boston to Wisconsin is going to be an interesting change of scenery. Change is usually good as it lets you see the world from a different perspective. This change of perspective will enrich your understanding of the world. Wisconsin is a large state with many natural attractions. The way of life might also be different to that in Boston. Our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers will have you at home in Wisconsin in no time at all.

You will have time to go explore places like the Horicon Marsh and the Devil’s Lake State Park. There is also the obvious choice of Lake Michigan which everyone needs to see at least once in their life. Wisconsin has over a million acres of its area which is covered in water. If you like ice cream on a hot day Wisconsin is the place to be. Wisconsin consumes over 20 million gallons of ice cream each year. Move with our company of Boston to Wisconsin movers. You will be licking the ice cream off your lips in no time at all. We pride ourselves in seeing you happily and safely moved. Get a free quick quote from us today on our website. We hope to hear from you soon!

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I just used Stairhoppers for a long distance move from Newton, MA to Atlanta, GA. I had done couple moves over past 5 years and was always so disappointed and unhappy with my movers! I picked Stairhoppers based on their excellent rating and I should confess that I am so happy about my decision. Why? because I did not have to deal with any surprises. They were super professional! Adrian (owner) surveyed my house and gave me a flat rate for my move…They did not charge me a penny more than that. I had checked with many other companies and their rate was really fair. The pickup and delivery happened exactly as they had promised and I loved their punctuality. They moved my stuff with such care that nothing was scratched.Overall, I give them the best recommendation and highest rating. As a matter of fact I will definitely use them for my future moves…They are excellent!
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These guys were wonderful! Used them for a move from NY to Boston. They picked up my stuff in NY on Saturday and delivered on Sunday in Boston. They were thorough, professional, and hard working. And the price was great. Unlike many companies, they can guarantee a price that is not based on weight, but on an inventory you send them. I highly recommend!
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It was a wonderful experience moving local with Stairhopper Movers. The two movers that moved my daughters things were friendly, polite and efficient! We will definitely be using this Boston moving company again! And no one can beat their prices!
We had a very good move with Collin, Renee and Jaime last week – they worked very well as a team and a big thanks to them for their hard work! The office staff was also very responsive and accommodating with our various date changes. Our Boston local move was a great experience! We will definitely use Stairhoppers again if we were to move and we highly recommend them to our friends and family!
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