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The Music City is just around the corner when you move with our company of Boston to Nashville movers. We will have you moved in no time. Leaving you with the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the show. After all, when you see our massive teamwork in harmony it is a symphony to behold.

Now enough with the musical puns. When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you want to hire a company for concrete reasons. Not just a company that will put a smile on your face. A company that will get the job done. Fortunately for you, we can do both. Here is how we put a smile on your face while getting the job done the right way.

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Integrity at a Low Price

When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you want to rest assured that the company you hired has integrity. Relocating over 1100 miles is no kids play. You want to make sure your things end up safely at point B. Not scattered somewhere along the way in the middle of the country.

Our company of Boston to Nashville movers have the expertise and experience to deal with unforeseen circumstances. We will deal with the tricky situations leaving you with time to unwind in your new living environment. We value our clients’ safety, the safety of their possessions and their happiness.

We know you can’t put a price on integrity. Fortunately, our overall prices are still extremely competitive even though ours comes along with a bag full of integrity. When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you don’t want to have the burden of an empty pocket. We try to save you costs at every corner.

Continuous analysis of our business model alongside creative collaboration between our staff helps us cut costs regularly. Our company of Boston to Nashville movers aren’t just out to make an extra penny. Our number one priority is our clients’ happiness. Stairhopper Movers is explicitly about the people and not just moving and making big profits. We are approachable and if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

Trust us to handle your things

When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you are taking all your possessions with you. What you possess has value to you and helps make your house a home. More than anything else we understand that possessions aren’t just material objects. They are a part of who you are. Things that you have held sentimental and kept with you your whole life.

With our company of Boston to Nashville movers, we understand that certain things cannot simply be replaced. Therefore, we strive to do our best when moving your belongings. We work meticulously but this doesn’t mean we don’t work very quickly. When you use our service, you will behold trained hands doing what they are meant to be doing.

To become good at an instrument you need to practice often and play in front of an audience regularly. We are good at our instrument which is moving. Our staff has loads of experience and practice under their belts. They also play in front of audience members, which is the moving party, regularly. When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you want a team that can play their instruments well. A team that will give you an unforgettable show and who will not make any mistakes on stage.

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Customer Service

Have you taken the time to go read up on our online reviews yet? If you still have any doubts about using us for your move go do so now. When you are moving from Boston to Nashville you want to use us to do the move. We have loads of fantastic online reviews. We all know you can only get good reviews if you have delivered a good service.

The heart of our customer service lies in putting a smile on our clients’ faces. When you are moving with our company of Boston to Nashville movers you are bound to smile. This team is approachable, has a great sense of humor, full of energy and works hard. Put all your worries and stress behind because the ball is now in our court.

An excellent nineteen years in this profession have helped us develop the perfect technique for dealing with a curve ball. We have the knowledge, the energy and the experience for this job. We will keep the curve ball astray when you are moving from Boston to Nashville.



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Your New Home:Moving to the Music City

When talking about new places many people say you should just go see the place to truly understand it. It almost feels necessary in this situation to say you need to go “hear” Nashville. This is because Nashville has so many historical ties to American music culture. When you are moving from Boston to Nashville with us you will have the time to go hear the city.

Did you know that Elvis Presley has recorded over 200 songs in Nashville? This makes it unsurprising that the largest songwriter’s festival takes place in Nashville. With our company of Boston to Nashville movers, you will be settled in in no time. Leaving you with the opportunity to go explore this rich city.

If you are a Johnny Cash fan you will be in for a treat as Nashville houses the Johnny Cash Museum. Nashville also houses the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Ryman Auditorium. For the music lover this is the place to be. There are clearly loads to be excited about when you are moving from Boston to Nashville.

Even though Nashville is a metropolis there are still many opportunities to get close to nature. There is the picturesque Radnor Lake State Park. For birdwatchers, there is the Chickasaw State Park. For those in the metropolis, there is the serene Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. Let our team of Boston to Nashville movers help you get closer to these places.

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I just used Stairhoppers for a long distance move from Newton, MA to Atlanta, GA. I had done couple moves over past 5 years and was always so disappointed and unhappy with my movers! I picked Stairhoppers based on their excellent rating and I should confess that I am so happy about my decision. Why? because I did not have to deal with any surprises. They were super professional! Adrian (owner) surveyed my house and gave me a flat rate for my move…They did not charge me a penny more than that. I had checked with many other companies and their rate was really fair. The pickup and delivery happened exactly as they had promised and I loved their punctuality. They moved my stuff with such care that nothing was scratched.Overall, I give them the best recommendation and highest rating. As a matter of fact I will definitely use them for my future moves…They are excellent!
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These guys were wonderful! Used them for a move from NY to Boston. They picked up my stuff in NY on Saturday and delivered on Sunday in Boston. They were thorough, professional, and hard working. And the price was great. Unlike many companies, they can guarantee a price that is not based on weight, but on an inventory you send them. I highly recommend!
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It was a wonderful experience moving local with Stairhopper Movers. The two movers that moved my daughters things were friendly, polite and efficient! We will definitely be using this Boston moving company again! And no one can beat their prices!
We had a very good move with Collin, Renee and Jaime last week – they worked very well as a team and a big thanks to them for their hard work! The office staff was also very responsive and accommodating with our various date changes. Our Boston local move was a great experience! We will definitely use Stairhoppers again if we were to move and we highly recommend them to our friends and family!
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