When Should You Start Planning a Move?

Relocating to a new home, whether it’s across town or the country, entails a myriad of decisions, logistics, and considerations. The timing of your move is a critical factor that can significantly impact the smoothness and success of your transition. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of when and how early you should start planning a move, ensuring that your relocation experience is not only stress-free but also cost-effective and well-organized. We will also show you the benefits of hiring in advance a short or long distance moving company.

How Far in Advance to Book Movers

Booking professional movers is often a pivotal step in the moving process. It’s essential to gauge how early you should secure their services to meet your specific needs and preferences. Let’s explore the various factors that will influence your decision:

Factors to Consider Before Moving

Before you start the exciting journey of relocating to a new home, it’s essential to consider several critical factors that will impact the success and ease of your move. In this section, we will explore these pivotal considerations to help you make informed decisions as you plan your move.

  • Weekday vs. Weekend – The day of the week you choose for your move can significantly affect both availability and cost. Weekdays are generally less busy for moving companies and, therefore, can be more budget-friendly. However, you should align your choice with your work schedule and other personal commitments.
  • Special Requirements – If you possess items that require special care and expertise, such as pianos, fine art, or delicate antiques, you’ll want to book specialized movers well in advance. These professionals often have limited availability due to their specialized skill set.
  • Time of Year – The time of year when you plan to move is a vital factor in determining how early you should start planning. Summer is known as the peak moving season, which means higher demand and potentially higher prices. If you intend to move during this busy season, booking several months in advance is advisable.
  • Size and Complexity of the Move – The scale and intricacy of your move play a pivotal role in your planning timeline. If you’re moving from a large house with many belongings, a well-thought-out plan and early booking are essential to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Local vs. Long-DistanceLong-distance moves generally require more lead time for planning and logistical coordination. If you’re crossing state lines, you should aim to secure your moving services at least three to four months ahead of your desired move date.
  • DIY vs. Full-Service – If you’re opting for a do-it-yourself (DIY) move, where you handle the packing and transportation yourself, you may require less lead time compared to a full-service move. However, full-service moves demand early booking due to higher demand for professional assistance.
  • Last-Minute Moves – In exceptional circumstances, such as job relocations or unforeseen emergencies, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to move at short notice. While it’s possible to arrange a last-minute move, be prepared for added stress and potentially higher costs.
  • Time Constraints – Your schedule and any lease agreements should be primary factors in determining your moving date. Ensure that your chosen date aligns with your availability and any contractual obligations.
  • Physical Abilities – Consider your physical capabilities and those of your helpers. If you have limited physical strength or health concerns, it’s advisable to provide extra time for the move to prevent overexertion or injuries.
  • Budget – Evaluate your budgetary constraints and allocate a reasonable amount for your moving expenses. Booking your movers well in advance can help secure more favorable rates, potentially saving you money in the long run.
  • Availability of Help – If you’re relying on friends or family members to assist with the move, ensure that they are available on your chosen date. Coordinate with them early to avoid last-minute conflicts.
  • Specialized Items – Certain items like pool tables, hot tubs, or safes require specialized handling. Reach out to specialized movers in advance to ensure their availability and expertise.
  • Insurance and Liability – Carefully review insurance options and liability coverage with your chosen moving company. This may influence your decision on when to book a moving company to ensure adequate protection.
  • Logistical Challenges – If you anticipate any unique logistical challenges, such as tight doorways, narrow staircases, or tricky access points, plan for extra time to address these issues safely.
  • Personal Convenience – Finally, consider your comfort and convenience when selecting your moving date. Opt for a date that aligns with your daily routine and preferences.

Best Months to Move

Planning A Move In Merrimack

Selecting the ideal month for your move can make a substantial difference in your overall experience. Here’s a breakdown of the best months for moving:

  • Spring and Fall: These transitional seasons often provide pleasant weather conditions, making them popular choices for moving. The mild temperatures and reduced humidity can contribute to a more comfortable experience.
  • Avoid Peak Summer: Moving during the peak summer months, typically from June to August, can be challenging due to high demand. While it may align with school schedules and work opportunities, be prepared for potentially higher costs and limited availability.
  • Winter Challenges: Moving during the winter months can be cost-effective, as demand tends to be lower. However, it comes with its own set of challenges, including cold weather and potential snow or ice on the roads. If you choose to move in winter, ensure that you’re well-prepared for adverse weather conditions.

Best Ways to Find a Moving Company

Once you’ve determined your optimal moving timeline, the next critical step is selecting a reputable moving company. Here are some valuable tips to guide you in your search:

Ask for Recommendations

Seek recommendations from friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors who have recently completed a successful move. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights into the professionalism and reliability of a moving company.

Online Reviews

Utilize online review platforms like Yelp, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List to gain a broader perspective on various moving companies. Take note of both positive and negative feedback to gauge the overall satisfaction of past customers.

Get Multiple Quotes

Contact several moving companies to request detailed quotes for your specific move. By obtaining multiple quotes, you can compare pricing, services offered, and the level of professionalism demonstrated during the quoting process.

Check for Complaints

Conduct research on consumer protection websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to identify any formal complaints or disputes filed against the moving companies under consideration. Pay attention to how these issues were resolved.

Visit the Company’s Website

Explore the official websites of the moving companies you’re interested in. A well-maintained and informative website can provide valuable insights into a company’s history, services, and customer testimonials.

Verify Licensing and Insurance

It’s paramount to ensure that the moving company you select is properly licensed and insured. Licensing requirements vary by state, so verify that the company complies with local regulations. Adequate insurance coverage provides added protection for your belongings during the move.

Benefits of Hiring Advanced Movers

Opting for an experienced and advanced moving company offers numerous advantages that can significantly enhance your moving experience. Let’s delve into the specific benefits of choosing professionals for your relocation:


Experienced movers have honed their processes to maximize efficiency. They can efficiently load and unload your belongings, minimizing the time required for the entire move. This translates to a faster and more streamlined relocation process.

Specialized Equipment

Professional movers come equipped with a wide array of specialized tools and equipment designed to handle various items safely. This includes everything from furniture blankets and dollies to custom crates for fragile items. Their expertise in using this equipment ensures the secure transportation of your possessions.


Seasoned movers possess the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate the challenges of a move successfully. They are well-versed in packing techniques, ensuring that your belongings are protected during transit. Additionally, their experience enables them to anticipate and address potential issues, such as navigating narrow hallways or staircases.


Many advanced moving companies utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance the moving experience. This may include real-time tracking of your shipment, electronic communication with the moving team, and digital inventory management. These technological advancements provide you with greater visibility and control over your move.

Custom Solutions

Reputable moving companies understand that no two moves are alike. They offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you require packing assistance, storage solutions, or additional services, an experienced mover can accommodate your unique requirements.


Safety is a paramount concern for professional movers. They prioritize the well-being of both your belongings and their team members. By adhering to stringent safety protocols, they reduce the risk of accidents and damage during the move, providing you with peace of mind.


While it may initially seem like an added expense, hiring professional movers can ultimately save you money. Their efficient processes and equipment reduce the risk of damage to your possessions, potentially lowering replacement costs. Moreover, they can complete the move in less time, reducing the overall cost of labor.

Reduced Stress

Managing a move can be an emotionally and physically taxing experience. When you entrust the logistics to experienced movers, you can enjoy a more relaxed and stress-free transition. With professionals handling the details, you can focus on settling into your new home.

Insurance Coverage

Reputable moving companies typically offer various insurance coverage options to safeguard your belongings during the move. While they take every precaution to prevent damage, having insurance in place provides an extra layer of protection and financial peace of mind.

Post-Move Support

Some advanced moving companies go the extra mile by offering post-move support. This can include assistance with unpacking, furniture assembly, and ensuring that your new home is set up to your satisfaction. Their commitment to your comfort extends beyond the move itself.

Make Your Move Smooth and Stress-Free with Stairhopper Movers

Planning A Move Merrimack, Nh

In conclusion, the timing of your move is a crucial element that demands careful consideration. By taking into account the multifaceted factors discussed in this guide and adhering to the tips provided, you can set the stage for a successful and stress-free relocation. Early planning and thoughtful decision-making are your allies in ensuring a seamless transition to your new home. Remember that with the right preparation, your move can be a positive and rewarding experience.

Planning a move doesn’t have to be a source of stress. With the right moving company like Stairhopper Movers and these valuable insights, you’ll be well-prepared for a smooth and successful relocation. Call us today at (603) 681-6000 and experience a hassle-free move from the best moving company in NH.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book movers for a local move?

For local moves, it’s generally recommended to book movers at least 4-6 weeks in advance to secure your preferred date and time.

Is it possible to book movers at the last minute?

While it’s possible to book last-minute movers, it’s not ideal. You may face limited availability and higher costs. It’s best to plan well in advance.

What are the benefits of moving during the off-peak season?

Moving during off-peak seasons, such as spring or fall, often means lower demand and potentially lower prices for moving services. It can also offer more pleasant weather conditions for your move.

Are there any additional costs I should consider when hiring movers?

Yes, consider additional costs such as packing services, storage fees, and insurance coverage. Discuss these with your chosen moving company during the planning process.

How can I reduce the stress of moving?

To reduce the stress of moving, plan well in advance, hire experienced movers, declutter your belongings, and create a comprehensive checklist to stay organized throughout the process.

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