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Thinking about moving to Wilmington, MA? Located 20 miles from Boston, with a population of 24,000, Wilmington is the kind of town that still gives you that classic suburban feeling, while at the same time preserving its country origins. In the beginning, the people in Wilmington were focused mainly on farming. Nowadays, we talk about lots of large businesses and franchises opening here every year. Over the past years, the town has grown into a community of mostly single-family homes. Wilmington is quite a nice place to move to, and we are here to explain why is that!

If you are like many, the hectic Boston lifestyle might have just become a little too much for you. That is perfectly understandable. In the search for a smaller, quieter, and less agitated place to move to, you have stumbled into Wilmington. The place is definitely worth taking into consideration as a prospective new home! With a rich cultural and artistic life and with nature surrounding it, this is definitely not the kind of place you would easily get bored in. Wilmington offers a little something for everyone, and its geographic positioning makes it easy to travel from here. That, of course, in case you search for another kind of diversity every now and then.

Suitable for families

Like many other small towns, Wilmington is a cozy, friendly, welcoming place that is just about ideal for raising children. We are definitely talking about a community-oriented family environment. Schools here – both public and private – are very good, this way eliminating the need of taking your kids to school in Boston or elsewhere. You can rely on public transport in case you wish to enroll them in schools outside of Wilmington, though. The town periodically organizes festivals, concerts, and other events that are not only family-friendly, but most are actually designed for families. Besides, the streets are safe and the locals are always willing to help you. Keep these things in mind, because they should weigh quite a lot in your decision-making process.

A lot of places to enjoy

This is somehow related to our previous idea that Wilmington is great for people with children. There a lot of museums, parks, and gardens to enjoy in town. Add to those a river that offers some of the most amazing sunsets ever, and you just realized you don’t have to go anywhere else for a weekend’s worth of entertainment. Did we mention the wineries and the maple and honey farm? Okay, perhaps you have seen some of these in your life, but it is quite impressive to have them in the town where you live. Just imagine buying home-made wine and maple syrup from your neighbours! Goodbye, supermarket shopping!

Many housing options

Whether you are moving to Wilmington with the intention of buying or renting, the town has quite a few options for you. First of all, expect the prices to be quite high. You are 20 miles from Boston, after all. The median home value is not much under $450,000, while the median rent is close to $2,000. That is definitely not the cheapest it gets in this area, but you do get a lot of nice houses to choose from for these amounts. The houses are mostly large and rather modern, although built in a classic architectural style Most of them are designed for single families, so if this is what you are looking for, you are in the right place! The highways are easily accessible from wherever you are in town, and chances are you will get friendly and nice neighbors.  

Are you still making up your mind? Hurry up, because Wilmington is quite a popular destination nowadays! You don’t want to risk losing that house you have been looking at! When the decision is final and you are about to pack, call Stairhopper Movers for help with the relocation to Wilmington! We will provide state-of-the-art moving services at affordable hourly rates, so get in touch today and book a move!

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