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Thinking about moving to Wenham, MA? This small town located north of Boston spreads over only 8 square miles and has a little over 5,000 inhabitants. Being this small and at the same time very quiet guarantees a peaceful living, in a helping and supportive community. Is this is what you have always dreamed of, look no more and consider moving to Wenham right away! The charm of the archaic rural New England was properly preserved here, so make sure you add this to the list of reasons why Wenham should be your new home.

You should know that this is a town of young people. The median age here is 26.8! Now, this does not happen too often. To make a comparison, imagine that the median age of the state of Massachusetts is 39.2. Imagine being young and living in a community like this! 🙂 The town is family-oriented and you will feel this at all times. Not only the feeling of safety and tranquillity, but also the amenities, the leisure time activities, and the many children you will see around all day are a good hint in this direction. But even if you don’t have a family or you are not a young person anymore, this place is probably still a great choice for you. Here is why!

Convenient positioning

Bordered by the larger communities of Beverly, Topsfield, and Danvers, Wenham is nicely nested on a relatively small areal. It’s located only 20 miles from Boston and 3 miles from the North Atlantic Ocean. You will be only minutes away to Salem, Gloucester, and other bigger towns. And the best part is you will not even have to worry about taking the car out of the garage because the public transport is reliable. You have trains taking you pretty much everywhere around at convenient hours, and the travel conditions are really good. All of these are major pluses when it comes to moving to Wenham.

Excellent for raising children

We would say with all our hearts that Wenham is a great place to raise a child. The schools here are really good and the most remarkable students are awarded private scholarships. This is something quite notable since we are talking about a small town. There is also a state-of-the-art library that Wenham shares with Hamilton. The two also share a network of schools: the Hamilton-Wenham Regional School District. Above all these, the town is very safe, with a low crime rate and an overall feeling of safety and peacefulness. However, you might be surprised to hear that the town’s bylaws state that 9 PM is the curfew for any child under 16. So if you are planning on moving to Wenham, make sure your teenage kids are aware of this rule beforehand.

Great homes

Expensive, but great nonetheless. Given the small size of this town, you will be close to pretty much everything, wherever you live. The downtown is a cluster of most important businesses and attractions that don’t necessarily have to do with nature. Otherwise, even outside the residential areas, the town still has a lot to offer, in terms of natural treasures. The homes in Wenham are quite pricy, at a median of $636,000. The people living here are mostly upper-middle-class, which does not leave much room for diversity. Still, you will find a lot of nice houses to buy or rent and you will most likely have very kind neighbors, since, by the looks of it, everyone living in Wenham is like this.

We agree that the high costs of living and housing make Wenham unsuitable for many. However, the town is not by far the most expensive in the region, and it is definitely worth paying the extra money. In return, you get peace of mind, a welcoming community, and the feeling of constantly being in a safe place. The town is perfect for people of all ages, from young families to retired individuals.

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