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Are you thinking of moving to Wakefield, MA? This small town right outside of Boston is the moving destination of many. And not just because of its convenient geographic positioning. Wakefield has a lot to offer in terms of natural resorts, landscape, safety, and options for spending your free time. Add a friendly and welcoming community and you got yourself quite a catch! Keep reading to find out what else is the benefit of moving to Wakefield!

In the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area, Wakefield distinguishes itself as a town located on two lakeshores. The winters here are taken out of fairy tales, and the friendly atmosphere is here all year round! Wakefield has a population of less than 27,000, but it feels like everyone here is welcoming, helpful, and kind. Ponds, lakes, and walking trails are just a few of the natural attractions that will tempt you during your free time and weekends. Asides from those, people have created some other ways of spending their leisure time in Wakefield. Sports centers, shopping areas, restaurants and pubs are all around town. And you can bet there is a lot to choose from! We highlighted below some more reasons why moving to Wakefield MA would be smart.

You get a lot for the money you spend

No need to hide behind the bushes here: Wakefield is a bit more expensive than the national average. But before we move to the next idea, please bear in mind that Massachusetts is known to be pricy, in general. And Wakefield is only 15 miles from Boston, so one can only expect the costs of living here to be rather high. However, the money you spend living here really pays off. You have a lot of jobs to choose from, and the employment rate increases with 1.15% every year. Schools in Wakefield are above the national average, with says a lot! The hospitability sector offers premium quality services and products, and Boston is right around the corner, in case you miss anything from there. Enough reasons for moving to Wakefield already? Not yet? All right, buckle up for more!

You get nice houses to choose from

Wakefield is divided into several major neighborhoods: West Side, Downtown, East Side, Woodville, Montrose, and Greenwood. If you ask us, all of them are great to live in. But you should really calculate your priorities before making a choice. Some are closer to the lakes, some are in more dynamic areas, some are close to the highway, some offer you a stronger urban feeling. The prices vary, and so do the architecture, size, and style. The median home value exceeds $625,000, with an average mortgage of $2,500. You should also know that over 90% of the houses here in Wakefield are inhabited by owners. This means Wakefield is quite a good choice of place to move to, huh? 🙂

You get to live in a dream

Yes, Wakefield is a great place to live in! You have two amazing lakes at your feet, literally. Among them, there are walking trails and parks, and nature surrounds you with a warm embrace. If you are a sports person, training outdoors in Wakefield will feel like a dream come true. The climate is mild and so is the weather – be prepared for cool-ish weather throughout the whole year. Whether you have a family of your own or you move to Wakefield by yourself, the town offers you a lot. And we mean both in terms of leisure and work. Not to mention the crime rate is about 66% lower than in the rest of the US.

If living in a small town is something you have always wanted, consider Wakefield as an option! Whenever you get bored or the town lifestyle is overwhelming for you, you can go to Boston. Commuting takes less than half-hour, and the traffic is usually decent. Otherwise, you will enjoy the small community, the exquisite cuisine, and the breathtaking views that Wakefield offers at all times. The gods of the weather will be good to you, as well. 🙂

Have you made up your mind yet? All you need now are some professional movers that will not charge you a fortune for your move. While you pack your things for moving to Wakefield, we will prepare the moving truck! Get in touch with us at Stairhopper Movers and we will happily offer you a free estimate for your upcoming move to Wakefield!


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