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Looking to move to Swampscott, MA? Some of the most beautiful beaches on the North Shore are waiting for you in this tiny, yet pretty seaside town. Here are a few things we consider relevant for you to know before moving to Swampscott.

First things first: the town is very small. A population of about 15,000 cohabits on a surface of 3 square miles. So, whether you like it or not, soon after you move to Swampscott you get to meet everyone who lives here. But chances are you will like it. People here are kind and warm, so you will be greeted with smiles and warmness wherever you go. The biggest pro to moving to Swampscott is that everything is close to everything. You can cross the town from one side to another in less than an hour and you can reach anywhere by foot. And while you might be tempted to believe that there is no chance you can actually do something in such a small town, Swampscott has a lot to offer.

You can find nice houses

Swampscott has pretty much reached its maximum capacity when it comes to the new estate. There is no land left for new constructions, so those existing now are all you can choose from. They are quite a lot, actually. And, although they are pretty expensive, given their positioning close to the ocean, houses in Swampscott have stagnant prices. Taxes are also quite high here, as well, so prepare to pay a bit for the privilege of living five minutes away from the ocean. The median home value is around $500,000, while the median rent is close to $1,400. ¼ of the houses here are rented, so there is a lot to pick from. Moving to Swampscott is definitely not suitable for any budget, but it is also not the most expensive place out there. And there is good value for money, we would say. Just think of how close you will be to those amazing white sandy beaches! Every day of living in Swampscott will feel as if you are on an exotic island.

Boston is less than half an hour away

If you work or study in Boston, this proximity is gold. Moving to Swampscott does not mean giving up on your Boston job, since all districts in town have train stations with connection to Boston. The train ride takes 22 minutes. If you wish to go by car, it still takes less than half an hour to get to Boston. This is a big plus for most people deciding to move to Swampscott, especially nowadays, when time is as precious as ever. You can choose to work in Swampscott, as well, although they only have about 500 active businesses in town.

If you have children and you are trying to find solutions to having to take them to school every day, you can consider the options Swampscott offers. The town has excellent schools you can choose from, for children of all ages. Until your kids will have to go to university, Swampscott has them covered.

The community is welcoming

As we mentioned above, Swampscott has a local community consisting mostly of warm and kind people. You will see smiles wherever you go and you will soon get to know everyone in town. Besides, more than half of the people here have completed higher education, and the unemployment rate is under 2.5%. Significant percentages of the population of Swampscott also volunteer, practice sports on a constant basis, vote, and 99% of them have health insurance. These are quite impressive facts and tell a lot about what to expect from your neighbors after moving to Swampscott.

If you are used to living in a big city, Swampscott will definitely be a huge change. But we do believe this change is totally worth it, which is why we suggest you seriously consider this, together with all the advantages it brings. Once you make up your mind, Stairhopper Movers is here to help you relocate easily and without any hassle whatsoever. Awesome prices are included in this offer. Call right now to get your free estimate!

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