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Are you taking into consideration moving to Salisbury, MA? This very small and tight-knit community of around 8,000 will surely embrace you with friendship and positive vibes. Well-kept beaches, good schools, and proximity to Boston are just three of the many reasons why you should consider moving to Salisbury. Whether you plan on moving alone, with a partner, or with your family, this town is a dream for anyone who is looking for a less hectic lifestyle. Don’t be fooled by the peacefulness of this place, because Salisbury has lots to offer! Keep reading to find out why moving to Salisbury could be a great deal for you!

Being this close to the beach might just be one of the major advantages of living in Salisbury. Wherever your home is, you are streets away from the ocean. You can swim, tan, boat, kayak, and practise many other sports here. At the same time, you can just sit and relax by the ocean, either on the beach or at one of the terraces nearby. Scenic views complete this beautiful picture, friendly people are everywhere, and there is an overall good vibe around. The town has some really good schools, a lot of jobs to provide, and it is really close to Boston and to highways.

Perfect for raising children

Salisbury is a safe town and you will feel it from the very moment you first step foot here. The fact that people know each other contributes to that, of course. Then again, Salisbury Elementary and Triton Regional High School are two of the best public schools in the region. Your kids will get the best education there and they will learn skills that will later help them in their professional and personal life. Music and sports are highly valued in both of these schools, so your children will easily find pleasant extracurricular activities to engage in. As for their outside of school time, Salisbury has a lot of corners where nature has unravelled at its best. The little ones will surely find a lot of things to do while they are outside.

A lot of diversity

Whether we talk about the community per se, the tourists coming here every year, the jobs, and the leisure time activities, Salisbury is a town that offers all the diversity you could dream of. There is always something new to learn while having fun around town. The local culinary scene is rich and offering, as well. You can taste local food, with a focus on seafood, or you can try international. Some of the restaurants in town are specialized in international cuisine, which will offer the opportunity of trying out exotic flavours from all over the world. The events taking place periodically in Salisbury are also all about diversity. Music, costumes, arts, and many more are there to delight all your senses. Most of these activities are child-friendly, so you can attend them together with the entire family.

Lovely houses

Having a house that faces the ocean or is just minutes away from the beach is already a good start. Well, choosing to move to Salisbury already guarantees that, since the town is quite small and everything is close to you. The median home value is $400,000, and you can be sure you will find something for your own taste here. From large homes with modern architecture to medium, classic American houses, you will find everything here. The real estate in Salisbury is blooming and there is a lot to choose from. Do not expect low prices, though. The costs of living here are not the lowest, either. However, we feel like houses and life here are worth the extra money.

A good combination of local companies and big companies make Salisbury a great place to work in. In case you don’t find anything appealing to you, traveling daily to another city for work could be an option. Boston is roughly 45 minutes from you and the traffic is not that bad. If you make up your mind and realize that moving to Salisbury is for you, contact Stairhoppers today for a free estimate and for what will probably be the best move of your life!

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