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Have you ever considered moving to Rowley? One of Boston’s suburbs, with a population of little over 6,000, Rowley offers its residents a suburban feel. At the same time, it is safe, its schools are above average, nature blooms everywhere, and you have lots of restaurants to choose from. The beach is fifteen minutes away from you the trails are everywhere, so you are always maximum ten minutes from one. Whether you move here alone or with your family, Rowley has a lot to offer to those willing to discover it. Are you one of them? Let us share with you why we believe moving to Rowley is a great idea.

To begin with, Rowley is a quiet and peaceful community. Going to the local market almost guarantees to have long conversations with friendly locals. Everyone knows everyone and you can always find someone willing to offer you help when you need it. This also means the place is safe.  The crime rate here is about 80% lower than in the rest of the country and 63% lower than in the rest of Massachusetts, and that is something! Have no worries regarding your kids wandering the streets late at night! Growing up in Rowley means growing up in a safe town, with peaceful people and surrounded by nature. Sounds pretty healthy to us. 🙂

Lots of housing options

If you want to buy a house prior to moving to Rowley, make sure to save properly in your piggybank until then! The median home value is $467,000, which is quite a lot, especially if you consider that the median household income is slightly less than $90,000. However, if you plan to rent instead of buying, you should know that one of five houses is rented. That offers you a large palette to pick from. And the median rent is less than $1,500, which makes it affordable to many. Whether you want a large 4-bedroom condo or a small studio, you can find anything here in Rowley. And one of the best parts, as we mentioned before, is that all houses are fifteen minutes from the beach.

You can easily commute to Boston

Not that Rowley does not offer jobs, but they might be not enough or one might consider them as underpaid. There is a total of 93 businesses in town, which is not too many, not too little. You can definitely find something to work here, if you want. But considering the unemployment rate in Rowley being close to 5%, almost double the regional average, you might want to keep Boston as an option. It will take around 45 minutes to drive to Boston and the traffic is not always friendly, but nothing is impossible. The same goes if you want your kids to attend schools in Boston or one of its other suburbs: daily commuting is a safe and doable option.

Perfect for nature lovers

If you are among the people who love long walks in the park and relaxing by the sea in the afternoon, moving to Rowley is definitely for you. National parks, rivers, forests, and wildlife sanctuaries are here to delight your sight and activate your senses. This means furthering away a bit from civilization, if you want, but it will still feel like you are living in a fairytale. Rowley is an ideal place to recharge your batteries and reconnect to nature and to yourself. Raising children here, in an area where pollution is not as high as in the big cities, will surely bring a lot of advantages to their health.

Even if the town is to some extent more expensive than others in Massachusetts, living in Rowley definitely brings a lot of advantages. For a start, you are surrounded by nature and far from the hectic lifestyle of people in Boston. You are, at the same time, close enough to Boston to be able to commute there daily. But the beaches and walking trails are closer to you than Boston is and you might often find this a blessing.

If you make up your mind and decide on moving to Rowley, hire professional movers to help you relocate! This way, your move will be free of any stress and you will be able to start your journey in Rowley properly. Stairhopper Movers is a home removal company experienced in moves of all sizes, with 20 years of activity in Massachusetts. Contact us today for a free estimate for your relocation!

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