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Thinking of moving to Rockport, MA? This might just be one of the best places to be in Massachusetts. Rockport is a small coastal town with a population of little over 7,200. The gorgeous beaches of Gloucester are minutes away from you, and people are as friendly as it gets. You can commute to pretty much everywhere from here and you will be surrounded by nature anywhere in town. Okay, this was the description for people who donโ€™t have the time to read the entire article. Keep reading to learn even more about moving to Rockport!

Most residents of Rockport own their homes and the town gives you a suburban community feeling. The place is more affordable than its neighbor towns, which makes it suitable for people belonging to different social categories. It is definitely a good place for families and young singles to consider. Rockport has very good schools, a low crime rate, and a lot of nice places where you can spend your free time. It is also very quiet and peaceful, so if you are into that, you will most likely love living here. Add to those some historical and nautical sprinkles and you got yourself quite a catch.

Good neighbors

As opposed to many other suburbs of Boston, Rockport has a rather diverse community. There are lower-middle-class, middle-class, and higher-middle-class people here. While the quality of life is high, the costs of living are moderate and so is the housing. The majority of people living in Rockport are highly educated and you will notice that by the large number of sophisticated services the town provides. From quality clothing stores to chic boutiques and fancy libraries, Rockport gives you a feeling that you arrived into a sophisticated suburban paradise. If you are the kind of person who loves these stylish touches and coquette places, moving to Rockport might just be for you.

Very good schools

As we mentioned above, the greater majority of people living in Rockport are highly educated. And, of course, they have to get that good education from somewhere, right? Well, they got it from the schools in town, mainly, and from the universities nearby. Rockport has a very good education system, with state-of-the-art schools and facilities. More than 50% of the population here has completed at least a higher education program, which says a lot. One more thing that is important to know is that the local community supports education by all means. You will see exactly what we mean after you move to Rockport. ๐Ÿ™‚

Affordable houses

Remember when we said Rockport is home to a diverse community? This happens mainly because the costs of living are not as high as in other towns in the area. The median home value in Rockport is under $300,000, which is around half the regional average. Rockport is a town of professionals, managers, office workers, and sales workers. Blue-collars and white-collars are both happily cohabiting this town and most of them own their houses. If you decide to move to Rockport, you can choose from a rather large variety of homes, when it comes to size, amenities, and geographical positioning. If you will want a job in town, you should know that the median household income is lower than $40,000. At the same time, you could work in Boston and easily commute daily, either with your own car or by train.

We strongly believe that Rockport is suitable for a large category of the population. Many people choose Rockport as a retirement place, but it is perfectly suitable for people with families and for singles, as well. If you are into partying a lot and love the Boston nightlife, then this place is not for you. But if you are more into a peaceful lifestyle and you love nature, then this is a good choice. Its competitive house prices make it a good option for people with not-so-high incomes who still want to live near Boston.

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