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Thinking of moving to Reading, MA? The place is such a nice mixture between a small-town lifestyle and a dynamic vibe, you cannot help but love it! Reading was founded way back in the first half of the seventeenth century, and it has kept growing and developing ever since. We put together some of the most relevant things you should know before moving to Reading MA.

Back in 1639, Reading was established first as a plantation of farmers from Lynn. It rapidly expanded, turning into an autonomous town about 5 years later. Nowadays, Reading spreads over approximately 10 miles, having a gender-balanced population of circa 26,000, with a median age of 42. Although the town is not among the most affordable ones in Middlesex County or in this part of the state, it does have its advantages which make the expense be worth it. There are plenty of leisure time activities to choose from, the neighborhoods are safe and cozy, and the education system is close to being impeccable.

You will live in a great area

Honestly, this applies to all neighborhoods in town. Moving to Reading, MA implies moving to a safe, comfortable, and cozy neighborhood, because all of them are like this. Want to hear more? Reading was ranked the 7th safest city in Massachusetts! How cool is that? If you are moving to Reading, expect a very peaceful lifestyle and the feeling of safety wherever you go. The town has a very low crime rate and you will never worry about having to walk on dark alleys at night!

At the same time, even though Reading only has 26,000 inhabitants, it has a lot of shops, stores, bars, restaurants, etc. to choose from. Regardless of the area where you will live, there is at least one convenience store and one supermarket in your nearby vicinity. And you will never get bored, either. Whoever said living in a small town is boring, clearly never experienced living in Reading. Both the town and the surrounding towns have plenty to offer, so make sure to discover all the opportunities you have here!

However, if you consider moving to Reading, you should be financially prepared for this. The median home value in Reading is around $570,000 and the costs of living are quite high, as well. If you do afford them, the town pays off.

You will have access to great services

Whether we talk about education, leisure, hospitality services, or health care, Reading offers premium services. Strong schools with excellent results at national evaluations, almost 800 local businesses offering good-paying jobs, plus lots of parks, adventure parks, restaurants, and pubs. Not only they are good, but they are enough to choose from. Whether you move to Reading alone or with your family, if you feel comfortable in this place, you will love everything it has to offer. And just in case you don’t, you can always jump in the car and head to Boston, since the city is only 15 miles away.

You will have impressive neighbors

As we mentioned before, the median age of the citizens of Reading is 42. But let us tell you more, because things get really impressive! The percent of the population active in the workforce is 75%, while the unemployment rate is 2.3%. Moreover, 64% of the population has finished at least a BA program at university, which leads to a quite educated community. 99% of the citizens in Reading have health insurance. We could go on with these numbers, but you should convince yourself of how amazing the town and the people in town are. You can pay a quick visit before deciding to move to Reading, and you will most likely be amazed by the hospitality and the peaceful vibe the town offers.

We hope this article helped you get an idea about what to expect from your life after moving to Reading. The town is quite a catch, indeed, and it has a lot of good things to offer. So once you make up your mind and decide to move, if you need reliable professional movers in Reading, Stairhopper Movers are one phone call away. Get in touch now and get your free quote!

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