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Are you thinking of moving to Peabody, MA? Located in the very center of Massachusetts, just west of Salem, Peabody is just 20 minutes away from Boston. With a population that exceeds 52,000, Peabody still counts as a relatively small town, and you can really enjoy the perks of small-town life if you decide to move here. Expect some great scenery, excellent services, and lots of jobs. In case you consider relocating here with your family, you should know the town is safe and the schools are very good. And there is 32 of them to choose from! Continue reading this article to find out more about what moving to Peabody will bring you!

You know how they say that if you don’t like the New England weather, you should wait five minutes? This couldn’t be more accurate and Peabody is the perfect example in this regard. Whoever said change is good probably didn’t refer to changing a few seasons in one day. If you can deal with the cold winters, autumns and summers will bring their riches as a reward. As for the local community, diversity is the keyword. As opposed to other towns in the area, Peabody has a quite diverse population when it comes to nationality, ethnicity, and income. And all these people never get bored, because the town provides lots of activities to enjoy in your free time!

Passionate about history?

Then this is the place for you. Peabody has always preserved its local stories and valued its American history, pretty much like its neighboring town, Salem. Witches and witchcraft are a thing in this area, which is why you will find a lot of museums, escape rooms, and other attractions built around these topics. But moving to Peabody is not solely for the ones passionate about witches. You get plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, and the greater majority are family-friendly. The town has lots of community parks where you can practice sports, take a relaxing walk, or just hang out with family and friends. Peabody also has the largest shopping mall in the region, so if you are into shopping, you will really have to be good at self-control, if you plan on moving here.

Jobs and schools for everyone

There are 32 schools in Peabody, out of which 22 are private. You will not have to worry a second for your children’s education once you move here! These education institutions are renowned for their quality and for the professionalism of the teachers. Besides, 32 is quite a lot to choose from! When talking about jobs in Peabody, it is important to know that the number of work opportunities grows every year. The top employers at the local level are healthcare, manufacturing, and retail. But even if these don’t appeal to you, don’t worry! There is a total of more than 2300 businesses in town, and you can be sure there are a lot of work opportunities available.

Lots of houses to choose from

Peabody offers many housing options, so whatever your preferences are, you will surely find something suitable for you. Living here is quite expensive, so bear that in mind before deciding to move to Peabody. The median home price is around $400,000, which exceeds the national median by almost double. On the bright side, you will get something really nice if you pay that money here. Houses available for that price are usually large and spacious, with modern touches and stylish architecture. If buying is not an option for you at this moment, you can rent anytime. Nearly 35% of the houses in Peabody are rented, so there is plenty to choose from here, as well.

While Peabody is not one of the cheapest places to live in Massachusetts, the money you pay is worth it. The town has done an excellent job of preserving its local environment, and the greater majority of homes here are very well kept. The public administration focuses a lot of their efforts towards improving the quality of life of its citizens, and you can really feel that.
Moving to Peabody is most likely a choice you will not regret taking. The town has lots to offer, and you should take the time to discover all its hidden gems. If you need professional movers to ensure you have a smooth, zero-stress move to Peabody, get in touch with Stairhopper Movers today and let us offer you a free estimate right away!

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