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Looking to move to North Reading, MA? A small-town life, not too far and not too close to Boston, is waiting for you here. Add to that a warm feeling of familiarity and a welcoming community that likes to get involved. This is how you get yourself a great combo for raising a family. Here is what we believe is relevant to know about moving to North Reading.

The town had a population of little under 15,000 at the last census and it didn’t really grow much since then. Back at the end of the seventeenth century, when it was established, it was a part of the town of Reading. But later, as of 1853, North Reading became an independent settlement. It covers a surface of 13 square miles, resulting in a comfortable population density of 1,044 / sqm. The first thing that will strike you after your move to North Reading is the kindness and warmness of the people here. The community is pleasant to live in and there is always someone willing to help you when you need something. Everything is close to everything, and no matter where you live, you are a few steps away from a grocery store and a school.

Schools are great

Speaking of the proximity to schools, did you know that North Reading has some really good schools, acknowledged at a regional and national level? The education system here is very up-to-date, with highly ranked primary schools and high schools. And if the only thing keeping you from moving to North Reading is the fear that you will have to sacrifice your children’s access to state-of-the-art education institutions, you can always commute to Boston! The city is less than half an hour’s drive from North Reading and the public transport is safe and reliable. Therefore, whatever school you choose for your children, it will most likely be a good choice you will later be happy about.

They have lovely houses

The population of North Reading consists mostly of upper-middle-class families, so expect the houses to be targeted for this segment. Coquette homes surrounded by green areas make it for a very picturesque view, so even taking a walk in the evening will result in very pleasant visual experiences. Speaking of which, the town is safe and the crime rate is very low. You will feel very safe here and so will your family and children. Not to mention how clean and tidy everything is! Going back to the topic of housing, do expect some above-average house costs, though. As mentioned before, moving to North Reading is rather for the upper-middle-class, so both the house sizes and the house prices are very well tailored for this target audience. Houses tend to increase in value really quickly, so you can expect to be able to sell more expensive in a few years, if you choose to do this.

Boston is really close

If the schools and work opportunities that North Reading offers do not appeal to you, you can always stick to the options you have in Boston. And although moving to North Reading will offer you a lot of activities to enjoy in your spare time, regardless of your age, you might still want to go to Boston every now and then. And even if you don’t own a car, the public transport system is reliable, safe, and cheap. It will take less than half an hour from North Reading to Boston, depending on the traffic. At the same time, if you want to stay in town and enjoy some peace and coziness, this option is available to you at all times. Remember, the community is very tight and people here are kind and nice, so it will always be a pleasure to spend some time among them.

If you are tired of the big cities and want something different for a change, moving to North Reading will most probably bring the desired upgrade. Quieter, safer, cozier, and at the same time not too far from Boston, North Reading is ideal for raising a family. And once the decision is made, remember to book reliable movers to help you relocate. At Stairhopper Movers, we have almost two decades of experience in residential and commercial moving, always professional, always at affordable prices. We would be more than glad to help! Get in touch with us today to get your free estimate!

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