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Looking for reasons for moving to North Andover, MA? Yes, this definitely is a smart choice and chances are you will love this place! North Andover is absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL. Not to mention it is constantly developing and it offers plenty of options for spending your free time. A cohesive and friendly community completes all these, so wait no longer and start planning your upcoming move to North Andover!

They often call North Andover a “suburban paradise”. Now, how many times have you heard this expression? Not too often, huh? This is because not every suburb is as impressive as this one. The place offers so much in terms of outdoor and indoor activities, you will most likely never find yourself bored here! The other 31,000+ inhabitants probably can confirm, but so do all the events taking place all year long. Seriously, just look up the events they plan! Every two weeks, a major event is scheduled. That is quite impressive for such a small place. Keep reading to see what else is impressive here!

The best of small-town life

Moving to North Andover is basically moving to that small-town life you always dreamed of. And take into consideration that the community is very cohesive. Judging by the number of hangouts, events, clubs, groups, and meetups constantly taking place, you would think North Andover is actually a big family. Which is pretty much the feeling you will get. And while nature was generous to this place, people had a strong input, as well. They arranged lots of parks and sports facilities and they made the best out of what they got. This just led to having an incredibly active and beautiful place, perfectly tailored for people of all ages. Oh, and the crime rate is really low. Close to zero, to be more specific. No wonder the town is one of the safest in MA. If moving to North Andover is an option for you, make it a priority. You will not regret it.

Houses are affordable

We know, it is starting to sound utopic at this point. But it is true. You can find some of the most affordable homes in the Greater Boston Area right here, in North Andover. And the cost of living is low, as well. Significantly lower than in Boston, for sure. The prices of homes in North Andover are quite low, so it might be easier for you to buy here. Even for amounts under $400,000, you can still get some very good houses in North Andover. It is estimated that the overall cost of living here is more than 35% lower than in Boston. And those amounts definitely add up! Think about how much money you can save in the first year after moving to North Andover!

They have competitive schools

The public education system in North Andover is recognized as one of the best in the region. Schools here have won countless awards over the years. Besides, their extracurricular activities and community engagement at school level are known all across the country. Moreover, there are a lot of great private schools here – more than you could imagine possible for such a small town. You can even find higher education institutions, so if you want to follow a BA or an MA in North Andover, you have this choice. The main idea is that you will not even have to commute to Boston every day for school, because the schools in NA are at least as good as there.

Have we convinced you yet that moving to North Andover is one hell of a good idea? If not, the internet is your friend and you will find useful testimonials and reviews all over it. Even if small towns are not exactly your thing, at least consider it! If not for anything else, make it for the financial aspect. This place will save you lots of money over the years. Never fear for a single second that you will not find jobs or leisure time activities here! North Andover is active and dynamic and will not let you get bored!

If the decision is final and you want to move to North Andover ASAP, make sure you book with reliable movers, to start the experience in a proper way. At Stairhopper Movers, we have almost 20 years of experience in home removals in and around Boston. Get in touch today to get a free quote!

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