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Are you planning on moving to Newburyport? The place is famous for its stunning beaches, parks, and trails, and for being a vibrant community. Many people who come to visit Boston take a small detour to enjoy Newburyport, as well, even if only for an afternoon. But besides being a really nice place to visit, it is a great town to call home. People of all ages, both singles and with families, choose to move to Newburyport every year. Today, the town has a population of over 18,000, and by the looks of it, it is still growing. All these people must know something, right? You could know it, too! Keep reading and learn why moving to Newburyport could be for you!

Newburyport is an idyllic destination for vacations and weekends. Waterfront views everywhere, chic boutiques and shops, historic architecture, and amazing landscapes attract lots of visitors to this coastal town. But if you go deeper and study a bit the education system, the infrastructure, the services, and the public transport system, you will understand why so many people have chosen to live here, as well. In the lines below we will tell you what helped this town that was once a shipping port become the blooming place it is today.

One of the top spots to live

And we’re not the ones to say it. Boston Globe stated this in 2013 about Newburyport. The statement was motivated by the proximity to the ocean and the Merrimack River, as well as by the town having an active, bustling downtown. Popularity comes with a cost and people who moved to Newburyport surely feel this. The median house here costs more than $460,000. On the bright side, for that amount you can get a huge historic home that is close to the water. The town boasts lots of federal style homes which are a pleasure to look at, let alone to live in! There is surely a lot to choose from here, whether you plan to buy or rent. Almost 30% of the homes in Newburyport are rented, so that is something to keep in mind, as well.

Rich cultural life

Before we dig into this, we feel the need to mention that Newburyport has a very good education system. In case you plan to move here with your family, this is definitely an important thing to keep into consideration. On the other hand, the town is home to many festivals and cultural events, as well as museums and other kinds of cultural-artistic entertainment. You will never worry about getting bored if you move to Newburyport! And besides, Boston is close enough to go there as often as some nice events are happening and you don’t want to miss them. While speaking about culture, let us not forget the cuisine! Newburyport has lots of restaurants with food from different corners and cultures of the world. From Asian to Mexican and from Italian to American, everything you wish to taste is minutes away from you!

Nature unleashed

Remember when we said people come to Newburyport frequently for spending a free afternoon? No wonder they do so! The town has some lovely beaches, a waterfront park, walking trails, natural reservations, parks, and many more to enjoy. You can hike or you can practise many outdoor sports, by yourself or with others. All these activities and the fresh air will help keep both you and your family happy and healthy. Newburyport has a whale watch center where you can take a look at the marine creatures in their natural habitat. That is definitely something you don’t see everywhere! It is important here to mention that all of these are children-friendly. 🙂

Moving to Newburyport might be a good choice for a large category of the population. Being very diverse and active, always full of tourists, and having nature reveal itself in all its majesty, Newburyport is like a dream come true. If you haven’t decided yet whether or not to move here, make up your mind soon, before someone buys that beautiful federal style house you have been looking at for weeks!

And if you have decided, book a move with reliable and affordable professional movers, to ensure a smooth start! Your new life is waiting for you and so is the free estimate that Stairhopper Movers will offer you once you decide to move to Newburyport!

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