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Thinking of moving to Newbury, MA anytime soon? Although not as famous as its British namesake and frequently confused with Newburyport, Newbury is a great place to live in nonetheless. With a population of 7,000, the town consists of three villages: Old Town (Newbury Center), Plum Island, and Byfield. For people who love the cozy, rural life, while at the same living close to Boston, this would be a good choice. It is important to note here that Newbury is ranked the 17th best place to live in Essex County, surpassing more famous towns in the area.

Newbury is a great place to grow up in, on the one hand. It is relatively small, with a cohesive community that is always willing to help when you are in need. Of course, as in the case of many other small towns, everyone knows everyone. All these make Newbury a safe place to live in, both as a child and as an adult. With solid roots in farming, fishing, and other trades, the town also offers other work opportunities. This way, if you move here, you will not have to transit to other towns or cities for your work. At the same time, if you choose to, you should know that it takes about 45 minutes to get to Boston by car.

Healthy lifestyle

Moving to Newbury will almost guarantee a healthy lifestyle. Boating, hiking, jogging, kayaking, and many other sports are common here, and seeing everyone practicing them will make you want to join. Wildlife and nature are two of the main highlights of this place, so you will always be surrounded by fresh air and mesmerizing views. The town is rather secluded, which makes for great privacy. If you want to get to the neighboring towns, you can easily get there even by bike. All in all, these small details ensure quite a healthy lifestyle to the people of Newbury, regardless of their age. Oh, and good local food is the cherry on top of this cake. 🙂

Perfect for families

If you ask the locals, Newbury is a perfect place for anyone to move to. As we mentioned before, the town is safe and everyone watches out for each other. On top of that, the schools are good – the elementary school is among the best in Essex – and the teachers are very proactive. These are premises for a great education for your children. Besides, Newburyport is not as close as to be a distraction for kids or to add unnecessary noise. At the same, it is close enough to travel in case you need anything or if you want your children to attend a certain school there. Public transport is reliable, so you will not even have to drive them to school yourself.

Affordable homes

Being this small and not as popular as Newburyport brings some serious advantages. To begin with, the costs of living are lower and the homes are more affordable. Most of the houses are owned, but you can also find a few to rent if you choose so. From large 3-bedroom condos to small studios, there is a little something for everyone here in town. Many people who moved here over the years stated they would never go back to living somewhere else. Consider all these when deciding whether or not you should move to Newbury!

There are people who have never ever heard of Newbury. Newburyport, its neighbor, is so much more famous, it takes all the spotlights away from it. We do believe that Newbury is a great place to live in, especially if you are looking for something peaceful and safe. Away from the city life noises and hassle, in a seaside oasis with a convenient geographic positioning, Newbury is a perfect town to move to.

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