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Are you planning on moving to Middleton, MA? Sounds like a smart choice. And while this particular town might not be the most famous Middleton out there, it definitely is one worth considering moving to. Less than a half-hour drive from Boston, in a beautiful nature area, Middleton offers large houses, challenging jobs, and good schools. Add to those a lot of leisure time activities and keep in mind that all of the above takes place in a safe environment. Let us tell you a bit more about the benefits you get from moving to Middleton!

Settled back in 1659 as part of Salem, Middleton features a society enriched by its beautiful cultural history. It became an independent settlement in the early 1700s, and it evolved from being a small farming community into the cozy Essex County town it is today. It still hasn’t grown much over the years, though. With a population of less than 10,000, Middleton counts as a small town in the Boston suburban area. A pretty dynamic and active small town, we would add, and with a high potential of growing and developing over the next years.

Lots of good places to live

Middleton spreads over 14.4 square miles. That means you can travel from one side of the town to another in no time. And basically, you can check out all the available houses in about an hour. 🙂 Just kidding. In fact, Middleton is spread with beautiful houses surrounded by large green spaces. The median house here costs around $570,000, which is more than 25% more than the Massachusetts median. Not to mention it is more than double the national median! In the meantime, the median salary here is $200,000 and it is just about enough to ensure you a good living here. Expect some high costs of living if you decide to move to Middleton. After all, you are very close to Boston. Keep in mind that most people living in Middleton own their homes, with only a small percentage (less than 10%) of people living in rented condos and studios.

Lots of fun things to do

Having less than 10,000 inhabitants definitely brings some advantages. The community life in Middleton is quite cohesive. People here organize lots of events for all ages, from fairs to outdoor markets and from concerts to shows of all kinds. Asides from those, you have the permanent local attractions that are not to be neglected. Community parks, the Lura Woodside Watkins Museum, the Ferncroft Country Club, plus lots of pubs and restaurants are there for you. Most of these places are family-friendly, so people of all ages can enjoy their sights and the surprises they bring. And whenever these get too usual or too boring, you can hop on a car and drive to Boston.

Lots of jobs to choose from  

While Middleton is quite an expensive place to live in, the jobs are well-paid and this pretty much compensates. The town offers jobs both for junior and senior positions, in several areas of activity. Top employers here are multinationals and large businesses that offer competitive opportunities professional wise. At the same time, moving to Middleton does not mean breaking up with your job in Boston, since it takes very little to get there. Commuting every day is not as bad as it sounds, considering the small distance and how easy it is to reach Boston.

With a very low crime rate and a friendly local community, Middleton will feel like home from the very first moment you step foot in it. The town looks beautiful, is clean, and its streets are safe. If you plan on moving to Middleton together with your family, you should know that the school system here is above average. The schools have a small student-to-teacher ratio and they score high on national examinations. These are both signs of prosperous education. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between public and private schools. Or, as mentioned before, you can move to Middleton and commute to Boston every day.

Regardless of the path you decide to choose, you will need reliable movers to help you relocate. And if the services are topped by a good hourly rate, why not? 😊 Choose Stairhopper Movers for your next move to Middleton and enjoy both of these benefits! Get in touch with our operators today and get your moving quote, free of charge

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