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Are you planning on moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea? Out of all the Manchesters out there, this is definitely among the best. The name is longer than your typical toponym, while at the same time being self-explanatory. We summed up the most important things to be mindful of before moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea.

There are more than 20 towns named Manchester in the United States. This used to keep the Manchester in Massachusetts very anonymous, just one more with the same name. However, as of 1989, when one of the citizens considered the town is too unique to be confused with so many others, the official name is Manchester-by-the-Sea. If you look it up online, chances are you find more information about the Oscar-nominated namesake movie from 2016 than about the town. As well as hundreds of forum questions regarding whether or not the place exists.

The place does exist and is quite amazing. Having a population of little over 5,500, Manchester-by-the-Sea became more of a tourist attraction since the movie came out. But don’t imagine thousands of tourists populating its streets. Not at all. In fact, Manchester-by-the-Sea remains a peaceful and warm place, with a lovely local community. Moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea is ideal for those who seek to live in a place where life takes a slower pace and where people aren’t in a constant rush and where the criminality rate is almost inexistent. And you can bet the lady at the nearest coffee shop will remember your preferences after your first two visits.

You have nice housing options

Although very small, Manchester-by-the-Sea offers a pretty impressive variety of houses. You can buy or rent anywhere in town and you can bet it will be close to the sea. Everything is close to the sea here and there are lots of parks and natural resorts, so expect to be amazed by the pretty landscapes. Unfortunately, there is one more thing to expect if you plan on moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea: bigger prices. The median home value here exceeds $800,000, which is twice the median of Massachusetts. However, it is important to note here that the median household income is over $124,000, which is more than double the national median. If buying is not an option for you, but moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea is still on your wishlist, you can always consider a rent. A quarter of the properties in town are rented, and the average rent is not much over $1,000.

It has excellent positioning

We already understood, from the very first moment, that the town is by the sea. A wide shore features some beautiful beaches from where the sea reveals itself in all its splendour. Located between Beverly and Gloucester, 30 miles from Boston, Manchester-by-the-Sea is privileged by an excellent geographic positioning. If you have a car, moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea will not complicate your life at all, even if you work elsewhere. The public system works very well, too, so you will not encounter any issues if you commute by train.

The town is amazing

As its name says, this Manchester is by the sea. And it has a beach called Singing Beach, so named for the footsteps making a melodious sound. If you are not already impressed and convinced you should be moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea ASAP, we don’t know what can convince you. But let us keep trying. Imagine waking up every morning with a postcard-like view in front of your window. And then imagine you keep seeing postcards wherever you go in town. By foot, since cars are pretty much useless for travelling inside the town. This is what you get by moving to Manchester-by-the-Sea. Or to Manchester, since being a local will slowly reduce your need of saying the full name.

If you have a family and choosing a new place to live in is not a decision for yourself, but for more people, Manchester-by-the-Sea is a great choice, we guarantee that. And once the choice is made, Stairhopper Movers will be glad to help you relocate. Professional movers, excellent services, affordable prices. Just to get you used to live the good life even before you get to Manchester-by-the-Sea. 🙂 Get in touch with us and get your free estimate today!

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