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Are you thinking of moving to Lynnfield, MA? Keep reading to learn more about the town and about what moving there will imply!

Lynnfield is a town with a population of little over 12,000, located in Essex county. It is one of the most flourishing suburbs of the North Shore, MA. If you ask us, Lynnfield is a good place to move to if you are looking for something more peaceful and cozy, that at the same time is close to Boston. As small as it is, the town has a little something for everyone. Whether you are moving here by yourself or with your family, you will probably soon realize that Lynnfield was a very smart choice.

The house prices here are affordable

This is a huge advantage that will start paying off soon after you move to Lynnfield. You will find plenty of affordable homes to choose from. Even though the town is small, there is still quite a large palette of housing options for you. The median home value is estimated at around $667,000, while the median household income is about one-quarter of this amount.

If you don’t plan on buying, but on renting, the median rent is under $1,700. Around 12% of the total amount of homes in Lynnfield are rented, so there is quite a lot to choose from.

And if you decide to look for a job in Lynnfield, you should know the place offers thousands of jobs, having around 560 total active businesses. There is always the option of moving to Lynnfield and keeping your job in Boston. This way, you have the combined advantages of a Boston revenue and a Lynnfield lifestyle. How cool is that?

It is close to Boston

If you are thinking of moving to Lynnfield and you worry that transiting to Boston every day might be an issue, stop worrying! It takes around half an hour to get to Boston from Lynnfield. And if you don’t have a car, you can always use the public transport system, which is reliable and safe. The train is quite fast, really cheap, and will save you the worry of getting stuck in traffic on some rainy day or during rush hours.

You will probably have nice neighbours

According to statistics, Lynnfield has a high volunteerism rate (over ¼), high voter participation (around 70%), and a very educated population (over half of the inhabitants have completed higher education). Unemployment is under 4%, and over 99% of the population has health insurance. This means that moving to Lynnfield will almost guarantee you have nice neighbors. Your luck might also contribute to this, though.

Speaking of luck, if you were looking for a professional moving company that will offer you a stress-free move to Lynnfield, you just stumbled into it. We’re Staihopper Movers, nice to meet you! Call us now to get your free estimate for your move to Lynnfield!

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