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Are you thinking about moving to Ipswich? This beautiful North Shore town that’s roughly an hour away from Boston is widely renowned for its amazing Crane Beach. A few years ago, National Geographic ranked it in the top 10 US family beaches, which made the town even more famous. Miles of coastline and soft sand are here to delight your senses while you relax on a free day. But surely there must be more to Ipswich than the Crane Beach, right? Otherwise, how would you explain the fact that over 13,000 people live here? Here is what we think about moving to Ipswich, in general.

There are several other Ipswiches in the world, but definitely none like this one. Its outstanding beauty and coquette amenities make the Ipswich we have in Massachusetts a really special one. The cost of living here is quite high, we’re not going to lie about this. But you definitely get what you pay for and it is surely worth the money. Everything is close to everything else and you can easily go around town, even without a car. The public transport system is reliable, as well, so you can count on the local buses if you don’t own a car to drive around. The place will not let you get bored, since it offers so many leisure time activities! Just make sure to discover all of them and you will be grateful for the goldmine revealing itself to you.

The town encourages a healthy lifestyle

If you are moving to Ipswich from Boston or some other big city, you are probably used to the crazy life, to eating on the run, and to not having time to breathe. Forget about all of those! Ipswich is the kind of place where life takes a slower pace and you get to appreciate more what you got. The fact that you are surrounded by nature, including parks and trails, will most likely trigger your desire of taking long walks, if not more. You can even jog, swim, or play beach sports. If you are more of a gym person, Ipswich has a lot of gym studios and sport centers for you to enjoy. And regarding nutrition, many of the restaurants in town focus on healthy alternatives, so you are all set for starting a healthier lifestyle here.

Historic houses are everywhere

So unless you live in one yourself, then chances are there is at least one next to or across the street from you. These houses are absolutely amazing and a real pleasure to look at. The town has always been small and hasn’t increased much in size over the years. This explains why there are so many 17th century houses built in a colonial architectural style. You should expect to pay around half a million dollars for your house in Ipswich, if you want to buy. It doesn’t really matter whether we talk about historic homes or others. The town is rather expensive, as we mentioned before, but remember it really pays off.

There is a lot to do here

And we don’t mean jobs, although there’s plenty of those in Ipswich, as well. Don’t worry about going to Boston to work, because you will find a lot of good jobs in town to choose from. What we actually meant is that Ipswich offers a lot of spare time activities. A LOT. Ipswich is known as the “Birthplace of American Independence”, and it is as majestic as you would expect it to be. From the renown Crane Beach to Plum Island, to Willowdale State Forest, and from Sandy Point State Reservation to Appleton Farms (which, by the way, is America’s longest continuously running farm), you get a lot to visit. And these places are so amazing, you will want to visit again and again. Oh, and if you love clams, you will love the way they perfected the fried seafood here.

If you are a nature lover and you are looking to find a more meaningful approach to life, Ipswich might be a great choice for you. The quiet and serene environment and the nature that almost overwhelms you will offer you the peace of mind you have always wanted.

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