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Are you thinking of moving to Hamilton, MA, in the near future? This pretty and small town is named after Alexander Hamilton, one of our country’s four founding fathers. Of course, his picture also shows on the town’s seal. And while the world has several towns named Hamilton, this one in Massachusetts is definitely one worth moving to. It has a reputation of being perfectly tailored for upper-middle-class citizens, which we tend to believe is partially true, considering the costs of living and the costs of real estate here. However, there are more affordable choices, as well. The town of Hamilton is absolutely amazing, with impressive scenery and a dynamic community. Here are our thoughts about moving to Hamilton!

The town has a population of approximately 8,000 and LOTS of leisure time activities to choose from. Sports such as horse-riding, fox hunting, and polo are some of the main attractions here. And they surely make it look like Hamilton is exclusively designed to fit the wealthiest, which is not exactly true. The town boasts diversity in all its shapes, mainly economic and cultural. Truth is, Hamilton is generally affordable to middle-class citizens, and it is very family-oriented. Raising a child in this small town is definitely a great decision. Safety, opportunities, quality education, and nature-based activities are only a few of the reasons why. Add to these a cohesive community life and you got quite a combo there.

It has great positioning

Geography was a real blessing to Hamilton, MA. The town is spread over almost 15 square miles and consists mainly of outdoor riches such as farmland, a lake, a river, plus many parks and trails. That is a real oasis right over there. Outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, and boating are available to you almost all year long. In the wintertime, skiing proudly replaces some of them. At the same time, Hamilton is close to malls and to the shoreline, while not being crossed by any major highway. This ensures a quiet and peaceful environment and people seem to be loving it, considering how many tourists this place has. Moving to Hamilton is starting to sound more and more like a beautiful dream, doesn’t it?

You can find impressive houses

Hamilton seems to be all about impressive! Impressive landscape, impressive lifestyle, impressive everything! Houses here respect this unwritten rule. You can find truly amazing homes here, in various architectural styles. The median home price is around $565,000, at a median income of $108,000. So yes, Hamilton is quite expensive and you should have that in mind before deciding to move here. However, you get what you pay for. The local services, the cleanliness, and the overall lifestyle are definitely worth the money. Also, you are close to the water regardless of where your home is in Hamilton, and that’s something to consider, as well.

There are good schools here

Especially when talking about a town of 8,000, the quality of education is a pleasant surprise. Asides from having teachers who like to get involved and are good professionals, it is notable the fact that there are about 12.4 students for each teacher in Hamilton. This leaves room for right about enough attention and care to all students. In case you decide to move to Hamilton together with your family and somehow you are not happy about the schools here, you can always travel either to Boston or to other nearby towns. The region is full of great educational institutions and you will surely be able to find something you like for your kids.

We hope this article has helped you get an idea about what to expect after moving to Hamilton. There is a lot to discover here and chances are you will fall in love with this beautiful town in no time. You will also feel safe at all times and never get bored, and what more is to want from a home?

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