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Are you taking into consideration moving to Gloucester, MA? Let us pop in some relevant keywords: gorgeous nature, good beer, fishing, relaxation. If all these sound good to you, chances are you might be on the right track and moving to Gloucester is definitely for you. If they donโ€™t sound good to you, you should reconsider your priorities. ๐Ÿ™‚ Seriously now, Gloucester is a great place to live in, with so much to offer to its residents! Keep reading to find out more about this pretty town and why moving there would be a good option.

Gloucester is a small harbour town on the eastern coast of Massachusetts, really close to Boston. The town is not as famous as it should be, if you are asking us. You would think that having a vibrant cultural and artistic community and being surrounded by an absolutely gorgeous scenery will boost Gloucester among the most famous places in the area. Which unfortunately is not true. Oh, did we mention they have a prosperous harbour? There is so much to know about this incredible place! We summed up below what we believe is the most important and relevant information. Especially if you consider moving to Gloucester in the near future.

A lot to do here

Both when it comes to professional and personal life, Gloucester has lots to offer. If you are an artist, an entrepreneur, or if you are passionate about fishing or tourism, this place is for you. Education, healthcare, and manufacturing are other prolific industries. The local economy is flourishing and this town is as active as a busy bee. When it comes to spare time, Gloucester offers people of all ages a lot of opportunities. From long walks in nature to boating, and from beaches to art galleries, you have everything at your fingertips. Not to mention a lot of seafood restaurants and breath-taking coastal views from pretty much anywhere in town! Moving to Gloucester is a dream come true for anyone who loves the ocean.

Perfect for raising children

The local neighborhoods are all safe and peaceful, which is the first step towards ensuring a proper way of raising a child. Although Gloucester is a relatively small town, the people here really prioritize education. They have five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, and they are all highly ranked at the regional level. Just in case you are not very confident when it comes to small-town schools (although we strongly advise reconsidering this), Boston is near. If you insist on your kids attending more prestigious schools in Boston, you can drive them to school daily and it will take maybe a little over 30 minutes to commute. Having options is just great, and moving to Gloucester will provide more options than you could imagine.

Lots of housing options

Downtown, Riverview, and Annisquam are three of the most popular neighborhoods in town, and they are all beautiful, to begin with. When you discover the crime rate is very low and the community is welcoming, it just gets better. The median home value here is $300,000, which is considerably lower than in the adjacent and nearby towns. That makes Gloucester an affordable place to move to, even for people that are not upper-middle-class. You can find beautiful houses facing the beach, the forest, or the park, which will make it feel like you are on a constant vacation. And if you are not ready to buy yet, you should know that around 30% of the homes are rented, at a median rent of little over $800, so there is plenty to choose from.

We hope this article has helped you get a little more information about how living in Gloucester is. In case you decide to move there, make sure to book with a reliable moving company, to ensure a stress-free, fast move. Stairhopper Movers are available Monday to Sunday, and we have some of the best hourly rates in the entire state. Call us now and we will gladly provide a free estimate!

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