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Is moving to Georgetown, MA an option for you right now? Then don’t hesitate and take the challenge! Georgetown is one of the best places to live in Massachusetts, home to around 8,000 people. It is welcoming and peaceful, while at the same time providing countless opportunities for spending your free time. You can find here good jobs, good schools, and a safe environment. Just perfect for raising a family or for having a new start. So, why are you not packing yet? Here is why we believe moving to Georgetown is an excellent idea.

If education, arts and culture, and history are among your main interests, you should choose Georgetown as your new home. The town has a lot to offer in terms of these, and you will not get bored here. People engage in lots of cultural events, and overall we are talking about a highly educated society. If you want to leave the door unlocked overnight or to allow your kids to hang out in the parks until late at night, you can do so. Georgetown is not only very safe as it is, but people here also look out for one another. If what you are looking for is a small-town lifestyle in a beautiful place where you can raise your kids, you have come to the right place.

The schools here are among the best

The best in the entire state, that is. Over the past decades, the education here in Georgetown has absolutely skyrocketed. The middle-high school in town always gets exceptional test scores, and the town is well renown for having one of the best education systems in Massachusetts. Moving here with your children will offer them access to proper education. And, of course, this will later open a lot of opportunities to them, both professional-wise and personal-wise. Extracurricular activities are not to be neglected, and you can bet there is a lot to choose from in these schools.

Houses are rather affordable

While the cost of living, in general, is not by far among the lowest, the median home price in Georgetown is approximately $463,000. That is far less than many other towns in Essex. At the same time, the median household income is around $100,000. Do expect, however, to pay rather high prices for utilities, groceries, and going out. The median age is 46 and the town’s population consists mostly of middle and upper-middle-class citizens. Most houses in Georgetown are owned and the real estate market is under continuous development. You can therefore expect to find many nice homes to choose from, if you decide to buy a house to move to Georgetown. There is a lot of green around and you will most likely enjoy picturesque views from wherever you are located.

Boston is close

Just like in the case of many other small towns in Essex, Georgetown is also very close to Boston. Hop on a car and expect the drive to take approximately 40 minutes. Traffic is one of the minuses of living in Georgetown, so do expect some good old jams every now and then. The proximity to Boston is a huge advantage also from the point of view that Georgetown does not have so many restaurants, pubs, bars, and whatnot. This could be a minus for many people, especially if you are used to hanging out in the evenings, after work. But, again, Boston is close and so are other small towns, so you can drive to a nice restaurant easily anytime you feel the need. But if you prefer other ways of spending your free time, Georgetown offers plenty of them. Just be sure to discover everything this place has to give!

Georgetown in Massachusetts is not even close to being one of the most famous in the country. However, it is a great one, we can guarantee you that. If you are the party kind, then moving to Georgetown might not be a suitable choice for you. Otherwise, for raising children and for enjoying the peaceful, good life, this is the place.

Once the decision is final, you will need movers to help you relocate to Georgetown. Make sure to choose wisely once again and book a moving company that is both affordable and professional. Stairhopper Movers are here for you 7/7, offering great services at what are some of the best hourly rates in the state. Get in touch with us to find out more!

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