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Are you thinking of moving to Essex in the near future? The beautiful coastal town from Essex County, located 26 miles north of Boston, is a hidden gem. With a population of little over 3,700, it ranks 12 in the top of places to live in Essex County. Nature has been quite generous to this small town, and people have sure valued what they got. Whoever visited Essex even once can surely confirm this. And just imagine how moving to Essex feels like! You get all that peace and quiet you always longed for, plus you are surrounded by amazing landscapes and nature! Start packing right away, because after you read this article, you will definitely want to move to Essex ASAP!

The town is known mostly for the abundance of antique stores and classy restaurants. Seafood has a reputation of being among the best in the region here, so make it to try it at one of the seafood restaurants. For what it’s worth, Essex has kept it simple and elegant. You will not really find any supermarkets or stores belonging to large chains. Everything is local, which enhances the feeling of coziness and warmth this place gives. People here know each other quite well, which makes it all seem like a big happy family. And the beautiful nature unraveling all around contributes significantly to this zen state of mind.

Lots of homes to choose from

Whether you decide to buy or rent after moving to Essex, there is quite enough to choose from. But make sure you are prepared to behold the costs. The median home value is $555,000, while the median rent is $1,130. There are around 120 businesses in town, so you might even have a good chance of finding jobs here. Otherwise, if you choose to travel to Boston for work, you might be able to afford the costs of living in Essex easier. Wherever you live, you will be close to everything else in town, so there are really no good or bad neighborhoods. Remember that the place is also really safe and get rid of all your safety-related worries.

Never get bored

Unfortunately, Essex is not fortunate enough to have direct access to the ocean. However, the Essex River and Chebacco Lake are right there, minutes from you. People always organize sports activities on these waters, pretty much anything from kayaking to launching boats. The options are unlimited, the choice is yours! 😊 And if you are not that much of a water person, you can always opt for the trails, which are perfect for long hikes, or for the parks, where you can just sit down and relax. In case these local leisure activities become too familiar or too much of a routine, you can always hop in the car or on the train and head somewhere else. Boston is near and other beautiful cities are even closer to you.

Excellent schools

And, we know, this applies to maaany of the small towns in Essex County. But the town of Essex is no exception when it comes to great schools. The Manchester-Essex school district is considered one of the best in the whole state of Massachusetts. This rather old-fashioned community of Essex does not keep anything old around when it comes to the education of its pupils! Just in case you wish your kids attended a certain school outside of Essex (maybe in Boston?), you can register them there and then drive them to school every day. Commuting takes around 40 minutes, and they can even take the train and get there easily. It is really up to you.

Essex is a real hidden gem when it comes to community life in general. If you have always wished for the simple, rural life, with an archaic touch, this is for you. Coming from a big city, you will ask yourself why you haven’t decided on moving to Essex sooner.

In any case, whenever the decision comes and you will be looking for reliable movers, we are right here. Stairhoppers have some of the best movers in the state, and we promise good prices, as well. Call us now and convince yourself!

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