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Are you planning to move to Danvers, MA? We brought together the most relevant information about the town and about what moving to Danvers will imply. You have come to the right place, keep reading!

Danvers has not grown too much since the 1960s. The town, located in the Essex county, currently has a little under 28,000 inhabitants. It played a role in numerous wars and battles, having a rich heritage and an intriguing history that you will most likely love to discover. If you are seriously considering moving to Danvers, you probably know it has a very small community that will provide you with the quiet lifestyle you have always dreamt of. At the same time, if you work or study in Boston, moving to Danvers will not affect your everyday routine at all. You can easily transit, since the town is located half an hour drive from Boston.

You can find affordable houses

As in most cases, moving to a small town offers some consistent benefits. You will start noticing them from the very first moment you start planning your move to Danvers. The most important advantage, we would say, is the fact that houses in Danvers are affordable. The average house here costs around $470,000, whereas the median income per household is around $85,000.

If you are planning on moving in a rented house in Danvers, you should know that the median rent is less than $1,200. Do you want to hear something else that is really cool? Almost one third of the total houses in Danvers are rented. This means you have lots of options when it comes to your rental!

Many of the people living in Danvers commute to Boston every day, for work and school. This way, they enjoy a combination of the bigger income and relaxed lifestyle. However, a quite large percentage of the population works in town. There are many employers from diverse industries who offer great job opportunities. You can try getting a nice job in Danvers once you move here, if you are eager to give up on the hassle of working in Boston.

Boston is a stone’s throw away

If you are thinking of moving to Danvers, but you are worried that it will take forever to commute to Boston for your Monday-to-Friday job or studies, stop right there! Put away your worries and let’s move on. Boston is half an hour away. Or forty minutes during rush hour. The public transport system is a good choice for commuting, if you don’t own a car.

Being this close to Boston does bring a few disadvantages, though. And they are all finance-related. Before you seriously consider moving to Danvers, bear in mind that the costs of living are quite high. Make sure these fit your budget, because the town is definitely worth it.

You will find a nice community here

If you will move to Danvers, you will soon realize that the local community is very nice and cohesive. And they all enjoy this quiet and peaceful, middle class lifestyle. The great majority of the population has completed higher education and 97% of them have health insurance, while the unemployment rate is only around 2.2%. These are excellent premises that guarantee moving to Danvers will bring you countless benefits.

And you know what else also brings you benefits? Booking your move to Danvers with a professional, reliable moving company. Enjoy a hassle-free move at an affordable price, with Stairhopper Movers! Call now to get your free quote!

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