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Are you thinking of moving to Boxford, MA? This small town of little over 8,000 people is spread over a large geographic area and it is just a perfect place to live in! A quiet town with a rural vibe, close to Boston, yet at the same time far from traffic and other noises, is just perfect for raising a family. Even if this is not your case, you will find that Boxford is suitable for people of all ages. Being a young person and living in Boxford is enjoyable, as well as being a retiree here is. Read this article to find out why we strongly believe that moving to Boxford would be a smart choice!

Despite it covering a large geographic area, Boxford is rather isolated from the exterior world. This helps provide a warm, intimate feeling. Everyone here will seem like a family to you soon after you move to any of the neighborhoods in Boxford. The town boasts all the advantages of living in a rural town, from a low criminal rate to overall peacefulness. At the same, you have highways and large cities really close to you, accessible at any moment. From the ice cream truck to the local libraries, everything here seems taken out of movies.

Perfect for raising children

With very good schools, libraries, and extracurricular activities, Boxford is the perfect place for raising children. It is also very quiet and very safe, you will easily notice this. That will help keep your children away from any dangers and will help you worry less. The place is rather isolated, so if you want your children to attend schools outside of town, they will have to commute. The public transport is well adjusted and also safe, so that should not be among your worries. Whether you want your kids to go to Boston for school or to attend any of the nearby-towns schools, the options are countless and all are accessible to you.

Close to everything

If you decide to move to Boxford, you should not worry at all about missing out on the fun in other places. Boston is approximately half an hour from you, and you are close to highways that can take you anywhere. Once again we feel the need to stress out the fact that Boxford is isolated and it has a population of little over 8,000. This means that if you want to order sushi at midnight, this might be an issue. On the other hand, if you have a car, you can just hop on it and drive to your nearest sushi drive-in and it will not take you long to do that. Moving to a small community like Boxford definitely implies giving up on some of these luxuries that otherwise would have been at your fingertips, if you stayed in Boston. However, believe us when we say this is totally worth it.

You get a lot of privacy

Being close to the middle of nowhere means you are surrounded by nature instead of skyscrapers. Tall trees, large parks, walking trails, and many such wonders are minutes from you.  The houses here usually have large yards, and they are often bordered by tall trees with thick foliage. This means you will get a lot of privacy if you just go out on the porch to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. Boxford’s median home price is around $660,000, so be prepared to pay a lot for this privacy. But also be prepared to find the house of your dreams somewhere among the ones available in Boxford. The town has amazing houses to choose from, and especially if you are a fan of large homes, you are in the right place.

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