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Looking to move to Andover, MA? Before anything, please let us congratulate you on this choice. You probably already know most of the benefits of moving to Andover, from the tight community life to the excellent school system. Still, please allow us to offer you a small summary of what to expect to get after moving to Andover, in case you missed something.

Located in Essex, the town was settled in 1642. In 2018, it had a population of approximately 36,000. The people here are mostly upper-middle-class, with 70% having completed higher education and the unemployment rate being below 2%. People living in Andover vote, volunteer, engage in the community life and are active from all points of view. If you are here to stay, you will most probably love it. Whether you want to move to Andover for the long-term or you want to buy land and property as an investment, this town is an excellent choice. Below we made a summary of the top reasons that support this affirmation.

The town has state-of-the-art schools

Have you ever seen how much pride people living in Andover take in their education system? And for a good reason! The schools in Andover are among the highest-rated in the entire Essex region. The place is ranked among the best suburbs to live in Massachusetts, and part of this is because of the schools. If you are considering moving to Andover with your family, never for a second worry about the quality of their education! Kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools, and high schools here renowned for having excellent results at national testing and regional competitions. And when the time comes for your children to go to university, Boston is about half an hour away. All the state’s top-rated universities are there and they will not even have to cross the country for their studies.

There are many housing options

Let us just start by saying that you should expect rather high prices if you are moving to Andover. The median home value is over $670,000, at a median household income of little over $140,000. If your choice is a rental, you should expect to pay around $1,000-1,200. The streets are full of eye-catching red-brick buildings, which make for a very pleasant view. Besides, you can choose anything, from small studios to large condos. More than 36% of the houses are rented, so moving to Andover in a rented home should definitely be a choice. But if you want to buy, you should know that the prices here tend to go higher every year. This way, any purchase is basically an investment.

Boston is near you

Andover has a lot of experiences and adventures to offer, despite its small size. Parks, bars, pubs, cafes, and many other are here for the entertainment of people of all ages. But in case these are not enough or you get bored, you can go to Boston any day. The 23-mile distance between Andover and Boston can be traveled in less than half an hour, if the traffic is good, or otherwise in less than 40 minutes. If commuting to Boston for your children’s school is one of the concerns, we strongly recommend the local options. Remember that Andover is well renown for its quality schools and educational programs.

The big city life definitely has its benefits, but the small towns have their own charm. Moving to Andover is a choice that will leave open all the opportunities offered by Boston. At the same time, you will be in a smaller and safer community. This will most likely leave room for enjoying life at the fullest, instead of spending it in traffic. If the decision is final and you are sure you want to move to Andover, Stairhopper Movers can help you anytime! We can also get you a great deal for your relocation, while at the same time providing the highest quality services. We are fast, efficient and friendly, and your move with us will pass so quickly, you will barely see it! Get in touch with us to get your free estimate!


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