Massachusetts has been voted one of the best places to live in the United States. The low crime rate and the scenic view are part of what makes this state so popular. Boston is the main hub and capital of Massachusetts. Working in the Capital does not mean you need to live in the city. Moving from Boston to Wilmington will have you working in the city and living in the suburbs with a small commute of 16.5 miles. The open air and green spacious parks are definitely worth the travel time.

What you need to know about moving

Moving from Boston to Wilmington can have an incredibly positive impact on your life. Before the positivity begins, you need to actually move. Moving is tough. Thousands of people move daily. The fact that moving is a common daily occurrence does not change the fact. Preparing to move, gathering your worldly possessions and family and leaving your home is difficult. People move for work, schooling or to downsize, or up size. No matter your reason, contacting movers in Wilmington could save you a lot of trouble and frustration.

To have a move that will not have you pulling your hair out you need to do research. Research on movers in Wilmington is a close second to researching the town itself. Professionalism and efficiency are important criteria for a moving company. Your move could be a pleasant experience if the movers are caring and pride themselves on customer service. Stairhopper movers are such a company.

Planning your move

The decision has been made; the research done; the move is on. We advise you to make a list of all the things that you need to do to make the move as simple as possible.

With your to do list in hand, you will not forget things like disconnecting your utilities or phone line. The type of that can slip through the cracks if not organized correctly. You are more than welcome to contact us for any advice.

We recommend that before you start packing you go through your belongings and see what you no longer need. The slightly faulty toaster you have not used in a year does not need to make the move with you. Your good quality items that you do not use can be donated, or sold. Not only does de-cluttering make you feel good, it saves money on the move.

Contact your shortlist of companies moving from Boston to Wilmington and get a quote. Go through the various services on offer. Your services may not be as straightforward as loading a truck and offloading on the other side.

Getting a quote

We believe that the first contact that you have with a customer should make a great impression. That is why our quotes are transparent. We ask all the questions to be able to give you an accurate quote on the services you require. Hidden fees are a deal breaker. We do not quote you for your move and add on surprise admin and booking fees. Economical moving is what we do. You will find our prices fair and affordable. Getting what you pay for is not what our company subscribes to. We aim to give our clients the highest standard at the most affordable price. Your quote will only differ from your invoice if your needs change.

Add on services

To make moving even simpler, we have a few additional services to help you. Balancing packing and a to do list is no small task. We offer full-service moving packages to choose from. Here is a list of our add-on items.

Full Packing service

You will have all your belongings securely packed for transport by a well-trained team of experts. No matter how large or small the item, it will be securely packed and loaded. Full packing services are recommended not only for busy people. The security of your belongings is something to take seriously. We take it very seriously and will make sure that everything is packed and loaded for maximum security.

Partial Packing service

People like to pack sentimental and personal items. When it comes to the larger and trickier items, calling a professional is best. Experience counts when a tricky item needs to be packed and loaded. You are welcome to inquire about this service, which will ease your mind.


You may prefer to pack your household up on your own, but don’t know where to find good quality boxes that will protect your goods. We offer affordable boxes that are industry standard. You should always get a few boxes more than you think you will need, if you do have too many they can be returned. Please remember that there is a minimum order, and if you use less than the minimum you cannot return unused boxes.


You may not need to take all your goods with you, or your home in Wilmington may not be ready. In this case as full-service movers, we can offer you storage in Boston. You do not need to worry about your belongings; our hi-tech secure storage facility in Boston is safe and well maintained. We aim to be the best movers in Wilmington.

About Wilmington

Wilmington is a safe and family-friendly town. The majority of the residents own the homes they live in and take pride in their neighborhood. Only a few miles from Boston makes Wilmington the perfect hometown for people working in Boston.

Wilmington has wide open spaces with greenery. A safe environment means that residents can enjoy the outdoors during the summer months which are very pleasant. Small towns are often perceived as boring. This is not the case.

The local spas are a great way to spoil yourself, or your significant other. Dining out is always a great way to spend the evening, or grabbing a snack at a friendly coffee shop after a long hike could make your weekend so special.

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