If you have children then moving from Boston to Swampscott is a very good idea. Swampscott Public Schools come in at number ten in the district, according to Niche. So what can you expect at these schools? And what type of life can your children expect in Swampscott?

Moving from Boston to Swampscott is a good idea even before high school. The great thing is that it is only thirty-two minutes away so you can find movers in Swampscott to help move your family and you can still actually work in Boston if you wanted to. Although most people in Swampscott earn significantly more than those in Boston.

But let’s be honest we move for the kids and this is the best place for them. So let’s talk about the schools.

Swampscott Public Schools

Located right on the shoreline. The view from this school is enough to start looking for movers in Swampscott.

This is a group of schools. Their mission is to ensure that all children are allowed the opportunity to thrive. They believe in balance and ensure that children do well in not only academics but cultural activities, creative activities, and sport. They hope to teach children to foster this balance as well as to learn the importance of introspection – reflecting on themselves in their community.

Swampscott Integrated Pre-School

This is a school for children aged three to five. All students are welcome. They have an occupational therapist, speech therapist and other very learned professionals to ensure students of varying ability are allowed the opportunity to grow. They ensure children are ready for school and able to learn and communicate. What makes this school even more special is the fact that children get individual time with their teachers and when they work in groups these groups are small.

Elementary School

There are three elementary schools to choose from. These are – Clarke, Hadley, and Stanley. You cannot go wrong with any of these schools. If you are moving from Boston to Swampscott it is a good idea to contact each of these elementary schools and ask for a tour. They may even be able to give you a virtual tour. All of these schools have online resources and keep the parents up to date with their Covid-19 protocol. You can visit the website to even see videos on how they ensure the safety of each child. (Yes, now would be a good time to contact movers in Swampscott).

Middle School

Swampscott Middle school celebrates the victories of each child. They strive to foster strength, especially in the face of adversity, in the students. Furthermore, they see the importance of keeping students up to date with current affairs. All of this to ensure that students become individuals who add value to their community.

High School

This school is one of the top in the county. It rates number eleven in the top twenty-five in the Massachusetts area.

The ready proficiency rate is a whopping ninety-five percent and the mathematics proficiency rate is ninety-two percent. This is forty percent higher than the proficiency rate of schools in Boston.

If you’re not looking for movers in Swampscott yet then it’s time to start.

Swampscott high school also offers students advanced program classes and with a low student-to-teacher ratio, the individualized learning fostered by the pre-school is carried through all the way to high school.

When asked what they thought of the school more than seventy percent of teenagers liked the school. Let’s be honest, a teenager liking school is almost unheard of.

Also, more than eighty percent said they felt safe. This brings us to the next topic – Crime.

Crime in Swampscott

Swampscott is more than seventy percent safer than any other place in the United States. In fact, you have a one in one thousand, nine hundred and twelve, the chance of becoming a victim of violent crime. And less than one percent chance of becoming a victim of property crime. With states like this, it is no wonder most students feel safe.

And isn’t that what we all want – our children to feel and actually be safe?


Of course, you need to know a bit about the properties in Swampscott before moving from Boston to Swampscott.

The average home in Swampscott costs about three-hundred and sixty to nine-hundred and ten thousand dollars. There are only five thousand, seven hundred and eight homes in the area. Just over seventy-six percent of the population own their homes. Just over twenty-three percent of these homes are rented out for about three thousand dollars a month. There are a number of properties in the market. Approximately three hundred homes are not being lived in at the moment, and they are waiting for you to call the place home.

Things to do with the family in Swampscott

There are a number of beaches that are fantastic for a day out with the family. One of these beaches is close to the public schools. All of them are beautifully clean. You can pack a picnic, catch a tan or go for a swim.

If you want to see something other than the beach, there are conservation areas and parks in Swampscott too. Here you will be able to hike, cycle or simply take in nature.

If it isn’t quite outdoor weather but you and the family need to get moving, there is always the indoor baseball and softball arena – The Hit Zone. This is a great place to practice your batting and bowling skills or just get your frustration and energy out.

For a more tranquil outing, there are also plenty of museums, cafes, and art galleries to visit too.

Movers in Swampscott

With all that said I am sure you’re ready to get moving from Boston to Swampscott. The process doesn’t even need to be difficult. Stairhopper Movers can make the transition super easy. They offer packaging solutions, storage, and moving.

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