Are you planning on moving from Boston to Reading? Would you require the services of movers in Reading to handle the transportation of your items from your old home to the new one in Reading? If that’s the case, then make sure you take your time to gather as much information as you can from this article. Below, you will find vital details that will help you make a comfortable transition to Reading.

History of Reading in Middlesex County

Reading is located in the Middlesex County of Massachusetts, just 16 miles to the north of Boston Central. Over the years, the population has grown from a few hundred people to more than 24,000 residents. The first settlers in the area came from England during the 1630s through Salem and Lynn ports. However, by 1639, Lynn residents petitioned the government, demanding an area for an inland plantation. The government initially granted them about six miles of land then four more miles were added. The first settled area for the plantation was Lynn Village, located on the southern shore of Great Pond but now called Lake Quannapowitt. About a decade later, on the 10th of June 1644, the settlement was incorporated with Reading as the name. Reading, Massachusetts, is named after Reading Town in England.

The Church

The first church built in the area after the formation of the settlement was constructed in 1812, and called South Reading. By 1868, the name had changed to Wakefield. One of the founders of Reading and the 12th Congregational Church was Thomas Parker who served as the resident deacon. Over time, he was appointed as the town’s judicial commissioner. Historical records also show that Thomas Parker had a great influence on the choice of name given to the area, and it has been established that he was a kin of the Parker family who owned land in Ryddinge England. In 1651, a special grant was issued which added the North Ipswich River to Reading. By 1853, this area was then called North Reading.

Reading Geography

Understanding the geography of the area is crucial before moving from Boston to Reading. At present, the town has 9.9 square miles of land with no significant water volume. Despite the absence of large water bodies, Reading cannot be classified as a dry area because there are several vernal pools dotting the entire landscape. The town shares common borders with Lynnfield, North Reading, Stoneham, Wakefield, and Wilmington.

Racial Groupings in Reading

Reading is a largely white neighborhood, but many other races reside in the area too. When moving from Boston to Reading for the first time, you will notice how racially diverse the town has become over the years. White Caucasians make up about 92% of the population. Native Americans are 4.2%, African Americans are 0.1%, Asians are 0.03%, Hispanic and Latinos are 1.5%, residents with two or more races are 0.65%, while Pacific Islanders are 0.21% of the population.


Reading is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Middlesex County and Massachusetts as a whole. Families moving from Boston to Reading do so for many reasons, and one of the numerous reasons is the plethora of economic activities available in the area. The median household income is $107,654, while the median family income is $124,485, which is quite impressive for a town so small. The area also boasts an impressive per capita income of $47,891. Reading also has a very low poverty rate with just 1.0% of the population living below the poverty line.

Historic Landmarks

This town in Middlesex County has certain landmarks unique to the area. Every year, visitors come to town to spend some time at these sites. Although there are many of them, here are a few of the most popular ones.

  • The Parker Tavern
  • Burbank Arena
  • Stephen Hall House
  • St Athanasius Parish
  • Captain Nathaniel Parker Red House

The educational system of Reading

For many families, one very important thing they consider before moving from Boston to Reading is the quality of schools for their kids. Well, it will interest you to know that Reading has some of the best schools in Middlesex County. The public school system is administered by The Reading Public School Board. The schools in the area include

  • M Barrows
  • Birch Meadow
  • Coolidge Middle
  • JW Killam
  • Reading Memorial
  • Walter S. Parker
  • Wood End

The school board was also one of the first boards to approve and participate in Boston’s METCO Educational Program which encouraged school participation among African American children and children of minority groups in the inner cities. Reading also has an independent co-ed school founded in 1962 based on Augustinian Catholic Traditions. The public and private schools in the area are highly rated with more than 4,000 students registered in PK and all the way to K-12 classes. About 65% of the general student population are proficient in mathematics while 68% are proficient in reading. With a student to teacher ratio of 13:1, you can be sure that your child will get the best standard of education should you decide to move to the area.

Benefits of living in Reading

Reading is a lovely locality to settle permanently if you desire a serene environment to live, work or both. The crime rate in this path of Massachusetts is quite low with a significant middle class population. The infrastructure in the area is good with above standard social amenities present in the area. Although life can be a little expensive in this part of Middlesex, the cost of living is still lower compared to other towns like Marblehead, Lynnfield and North Andover.

Relocating to Reading

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