Are you planning on moving from Boston to Peabody in the near future? If you are, you will need all the information you can get to make your transition a stress-free one. Peabody is a thriving city in Essex County with a population of over 60,000 permanent residents. This city is one of the most developed cities in Boston and movers in Peabody are active in the area. In this article, we will tell you all you need to know about the history and geography of the place to prepare your mind about what to expect as you prepare for your move.


Peabody is a city located in Essex County, Massachusetts in the US. This city is situated in the North Shore region of the state with a very rich industrial history. This part of Massachusetts was once inhabited by a native tribe called the Naumkeng. It was originally part of Salem as at the time the first colonists arrived from Cape Ann. The settling group was led by their leader called Roger Conant. Subsequently, it was called Northfields, Brooksby, or Salem Farms. During the witch trials, several residents of Peabody were accused of witchcraft out of which three of them were executed. Their names were Martha Corey, Giles Corey, and John Proctor. In 1752, Peabody was incorporated as a district in Danvers. By 1855, the community had broken away from Danvers and incorporated as an independent city called South Danvers.

However, on April 30, 1868, the name was changed to Peabody in honor of legendary philanthropist, George Peabody who was born in the area. George Peabody was regarded as the father of modern-day philanthropy. By 1916, Peabody was granted city status with a western area with less population preferred to as West Peabody.

This region in Essex County started off as a farming community due to its proximity to water sources. It was also a center for the leather industry which attracted immigrants from different parts of the world.

Geography of Peabody

Peabody has a total area of 16.8 square miles of which 16.2 miles is land and 0.58 miles is water. The northwestern region of the city shares a common border with the Ipswich River, Waters Rivers, and Danvers River. There are so many other ponds in the area with a portion of Suntaug Lake entering the town.

Peabody Demography

Peabody has quite an extensive demography. There are different racial groups in the city. The White population is 90.4%, African Americans are 2.4%, Latino or Hispanics are 6.3%, 1.9% Asian, 3.8% for other races and those who have two or more racial bloodlines form just 1.6% of the population.

Peabody Economy and income

This city that was once a farming community has evolved into a highly industrial area with many organizations having offices in the city. Some of the major employers in Peabody include Analogic Corporation, Carl Zeiss, Boston Acoustics, Christian Book Distributors, JEOL, Lahey Medical Center, Saucony, Northshore Mall, and UTC Aerospace Systems. These employers and more have attracted a substantial population to Peabody. The thriving economy has also positively impacted the income of the residents. The median income of households in Peabody is $65,515 while the median family income is $80,471. The median income for men is $55,352 while for women, the median income is $44,167. Peabody’s population living below the poverty line is 6.3%.

Public Schools in Peabody and the schooling system

Peabody has an extensive schooling system. There are a few highly-rated public schools in the area. Peabody Veterans Memorial High School serves students in the 9-12 Grade. There is a Catholic private school called Bishop Fenwick High School serving the whole of North Shore region. J. Henry Higgins Middle School serves grade 6-8 students. Another private Christian school in the city is Covenant Christian Academy serving the needs of students from Pre-K all through to the 12th grade. St John The Baptist is another private Catholic school that teaches pupils up to Grade 8.

In terms of academic performances of Peabody public schools, about 42% are proficient in match while 45% are proficient in reading. The student per teacher ratio in the classroom is 13:1.

Life in Peabody

Moving from Boston to Peabody is not such a bad idea because the city is a nice place to live in. In 2009, Forbes magazine rated it as the 14th best city to raise a family in the US, which speaks volume. This is why movers in Peabody are always handling moving projects on behalf of families moving into the area. The road infrastructure is good and there are pubs, clubs, restaurants and recreational facilities all around the city. Crime rates are also below the national average making it a very safe place to live. The job market is also net-positive, so getting a job in the area is not as difficult as in other cities in Massachusetts. If you do not mind living in a densely populated city, Peabody is a good choice for you and your family.

Moving to Peabody

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