For those looking to escape the city, moving from Boston to North Reading is a great choice. North Reading (pronounced as ‘redd-ing’) is a small town with a population of just under 15,000 at the time of the 2010 census. It is located in Middlesex County and lies within the watershed of the Ipswich River. Despite its size, it is an attractive and popular town with many people, particularly families.

Historical North Reading

As far as towns go, North Reading was settled in 1651 as an addition to the existing town of Reading, which was granted more land north of the river. These official grants allowed six families to settle on large farmsteads beside the river. This helped to boost the town’s economy which was based on farming and hop production. There was a sawmill by the end of the 17th Century and shoe and boot-making businesses developed by the mid-19th Century. These shoes and boots were sold to the south for slaves after the Civil War had all but destroyed the other industries in the town.

It became a town in its own right in 1853. There are some houses still in North Reading today that date back to 1730 and they are well-preserved too. The historic fabric of the town is retained by its meeting house in the town center which is in a Federal style amongst the Federal village. This affluent village district encompasses many preserved period houses.

One such house is the Rev. Daniel Putnam House. This house is a late colonial house that was built in 1720. It has two and a half stories and is made from a wooden frame that is five bays in width. Again, it has a central chimney, Federal Greek Revival entrance and a gable roof. It is very distinctive as it has been preserved on the inside too including the paint and plaster. The town itself owns the house and it is the location of the North Reading Historical and Antiquarian Society’s headquarters. It opens for special events and society meetings. It is also found on the National Register of Historic Places since 1990.

North Reading’s Location and Geography

Movers in North Reading may be interested to learn a little more about the town’s geography. The town borders Reading, as mentioned, as well as North Andover, Andover, Lynnfield, Middleton, and Wilmington. The US Central Bureau states that the town has an area of 13.5 square miles, most of which is land, with only 1.85% water.

The People of North Reading

In 2000, the census data showed a population of just under 14,000 people, growing by 1,000 during the next ten years. This shows the great attraction for movers in North Reading! The town encompasses around 4,800 households and most of these are made up of families, with 40% of homes having children under the age of 18. Almost 69% of homes are occupied by a married couple.

In terms of racial background, the area is not typically diverse. Over 97% of the population of North Reading is white, 1.3% Asian, and the remaining percentage is a mix of other races of small percentages.

The age range of the population is very much spread out, with 27.5% under 18, and 10% over 65. The median age is 38. This shows that, for those moving from Boston to North Reading, people will be comfortable in the town regardless of their age bracket.

North Reading Income

For a household, the median income in the town is around $77,000, with males earning more than females ($52,500 and $39,458 respectively). However, despite the difference in the sexes’ incomes, this gap is a lot smaller than in many other towns and cities in the state. Additionally, those under the poverty line are few and far between with only1.5% falling into this category.

Families in North Reading

North Reading is a family-friendly place to live. There are four elementary schools in the town: E. Ethel Little School, Turner Hood School, North Reading Middle School and L.D Batchelder School. The town’s high school is called North Reading High School. The high school was voted one of the top 50 public high schools in two years (2013 and 2015). Since 2016, the high school and middle school have shared a common site within the town in a new building.

Aside from education, the town has many facilities that attract families moving from Boston to North Reading. Of course, the town is small and suburban, but the escape from the city is worth it for the abundance of space and clean air. The town boasts Ipswich River Park which has recreational and young people’s athletics facilities. There are tennis courts, a playground, Skate Park, basketball courts, running paths, horseshoe pits, and picnic areas. Additionally, there is the Harold Parker State Forest. The forest is a 3,000-acre protected forest that boasts swimming areas and hiking trails.

One of the top attractions currently for children is Cowabunga’s Inflatable Playground! It has more than 20,000 square feet of inflatables for all the family to enjoy.

Movers in North Reading

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