North Andover is actually a small town in Essex County, Massachusetts, with a population of over 30,000 residents. The area is very advanced in terms of infrastructure, which is why people moving from Boston to North Andover has increased over the years. Today, what used to be a small town with just over 10,000 people has now become a thriving residential area in Essex County. In this article, we will highlight all you need to know about North Andover and reveal the importance of having the best movers in North Andover to handle your relocation projects.

North Andover history

North Andover is located in Essex County in the state of Massachusetts. It was culled from lands on the south of the Shawsheen River and Merrimack River. In 1634, the General Court of Massachusetts proposed the creation of a Plantation called the Cochichewick Plantation. The Plantation was eventually bought on May 6, 1646, by the Reverend John Woodbridge. Woodbridge had paid for it on behalf of the English when he gave a Pennacock chief called Cutshmsche 6 pounds and a piece of coat. Later on, Andover was incorporated and given the name because many of its current residents came from Andover, in Hampshire, England. The town where most of the residents lived was situated in what is called North Andover today.

Unfortunately, as the town began to spread to the west and the south, the growth created its own conflict because of the local parish church in the location. To resolve the crisis, the General Court set aside two different parishes in 1709. One for the north and another for the south. As years went by, the parishes actually grew apart then on 7th April, 1855, the General Court separated both parishes, and North Andover Township was created as a separate entity.

Geography of North Andover

North Andover has a total square miles of 27.8 square miles, out of which 26.3 square miles is land and the rest 1.4 square miles is water. The land occupies the southern plains of the Merrimack River that makes up part of the boundary in the northwest. It also borders the Shawsheen River. North Andover also borders Weir Hill Reservation, Osgood Hill Reservation, and Reas Pond Conservation Area. North Andover owns significant portions of Boxford State Forest, Harold Parker State Forest, and Charles W. Ward Reservation. Furthermore, the area has several ponds, streams, and brooks.

North Andover Ethnicity

The population of North Andover is racially diverse. There are about 88.7% White Caucasians, 0.09% Native Americans, 1.78% African Americans, 0.01 Pacific islanders, 1.50% population of people with two or more races, 6.31% Asians, and 4.93% Hispanic and Latinos.


The median family income is $132,674 and household income is $105,661. Men in North Andover earn more than the women do. Men on average earn $68,411 and women earn $42,270. The per capita income stands at $51,658. Although North Andover is a middle to High income area, about 5.1% of the population live below the poverty line. The local economy is small but accommodating with several small and medium scale business enterprises fueling the local economy and creating jobs.

Public Schools in North Andover

Families moving from Boston to North Andover should be at peace because the schools in the area are very good. The town has its own schooling system. There is an early childhood center with five elementary schools namely

  • Kittredge Elementary
  • Franklin Elementary
  • Atkinson Elementary
  • Thomson Elementary
  • Annie L. Sargent Elementary

There are also high schools in the area some of which include

  • North Andover High School
  • North Andover Middle School

Due to the rising rate of people moving from Boston to North Andover, the residents approved an expansion of the childhood center to accommodate growing demand. In terms of academic excellence, students in North Andover public schools do very well. There are almost 5,000 people in grades K-12 and PK with a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. 63% of the student population are proficient in math and 63% are proficient in reading. If you’ve contracted movers in North Andover to handle your relocation logistics, be rest assured your kids will be getting quality education all year round.

Living North Andover

Life in North Andover is peaceful which makes it one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Although the area is densely populated, it has more than enough land mass to accommodate the growing population. Living here offers you a suburban feeling with several parks and coffee shops dotting the length and breadth of the town. For growing families, the area provides safety and peace of mind. If you consider moving from Boston to North Andover you will also like the road networks that connect other towns and regions in Essex County.

Moving to North Andover

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