If you plan moving from Boston to Middleton in Massachusetts, you need to get as much information as possible to make your move an informed and stress-free relocation. Middleton is a small town in Essex County, Massachusetts, with close to 9,000 residents. Over the years, movers in Middleton have been very active in the area as new residents move in to boost the population and economic capacity of the area. In this article, we will provide you with all you need to know as you plan moving from Boston to Middleton.

Middleton Geography

Middleton has a total area landmass of 14.5 sq miles. Of this total, about 14.0 sq miles is a land area, and 0.5 square miles is water. This town lies on the fringes of Essex County and bordered by North Reading to the West, Andover of the NorthWest, Boxford to the Northeast, and Topsfield Town to the East. Middleton is also bordered by Danvers in the southeast, Peabody in the South, and Lynnfield in the Southwest. The town is also part of the tri-towns, of which Boxford and Topsfield are the other two.

History of Middleton

Moving from Boston to Middleton should elicit interest about the history of the area. For the record, Middleton was first occupied in 1659, but it was not until 1728 that it was officially incorporated. It was once a part of Salem, and part of the town was cut from Boxford, Andover, and Topsfield. The town got its name from its central location of settlements between Andover and Salem. The first settler was Bray Wilkins, who purchased 600 acres of land from the Governor, Mr. Bellingham. Wilkins moved in with a large family and resided here permanently. As time went on, the population grew into a farming community due to its proximity to the Ipswich River.

However, farming was not all Middleton was known for as it also had an iron works industry. The industry was first started by Thomas Flint and his son, Thomas Jr. The enterprise existed for close to 70 years.

Middleton Ethnicity

The population moving from Boston to Middleton has witnessed a steady rise over the past 3 decades. There are close to 9000 people living in Middleton with 2,347 households. The town is 95.43% White, 0.05% Native American, 1.65% African American, 0.05% Pacific Islander, 1.11% Asians, 6.26% Hispanic or Latino population and 1.43% population who have two or more racial makeup.

Income of the Area

Middleton is a median income town with residents maintaining a median income of $81,395. The family median income is $87,605 with males earning the highest income of $51,831 compared to women who earned $37,874. The income per capita is $29,031 with about 3.7% of the population living in poverty.

Famous Landmarks in Middleton

One thing movers in Middleton will tell you is that many people who move into the area permanently do so for the nice neighborhoods and the popular landmarks. Some of them include

  • The Witch Trials Memorial
  • Middleton Historical Buildings
  • Rebecca Nurse Homestead
  • Putnam House
  • Which Hill Pierce Farm
  • Lynn field Historical Society (near Middleton)
  • Danvers Historical Society (near Middleton)
  • Peabody City Hall

Middleton Education System

The schools in the town are part of the Regional School District known as Masconomet. This district covers Middleton, Topsfield and Boxford in Essex County. If you plan moving from Boston to Middleton you will be interested to know that the standard here is very good with an acceptable teacher to student ratio. Students also have the option to pick a technical or agricultural school called Essex North Shore. In terms of academic performance, Middleton students perform above average. The student to teacher ratio is 10:1 which is better than the national average of 12:1. 61% of Middleton students are proficient in maths and 66% are proficient in reading.

Benefits of living in Middleton Town

Middleton is a lovely town to live in which is why movers in Middleton are mostly active in the area. The downside to living here is the expensive lifestyle. Since it is only 30 minutes drive away from Boston, many people prefer to pitch their tent here permanently. A significant percentage of families living in the area are middle to high income residents which in turn, attracts quality amenities and facilities. The town also has some very good living areas that will impress you. Some choice locations include Ferncroft, Mill Street, Bayberry Lane and Brigadoon. Let’s just say that the entire town as a whole has a suburban and serene feeling to it. The serene status makes it a conducive location for the elderly and young families. There are green areas and recreational centers to relax and have fun.

Relocating to Middleton

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