Marblehead is a coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts, with over 20,000 people and counting. This town is one of the top residential destinations for small and large family groups. For years moving from Boston to Marblehead has witnessed a consistent growth rate that only a few other towns in the district can boast of. Marblehead is a yachting and fishing community due to its proximity to water. There used to be a naval shipyard of the US Navy in the area, and it was also once the fishing capital of Massachusetts State.

Marblehead Geography

Marblehead has a total of 19.6 sq miles, with most of it being water. The land area is 4.4 square miles, while the water mass is 15.2 square miles. This makes it a top destination for those moving from Boston to Marblehead who are lovers of marine life. The town is situated on the North Shore along Salem Harbor and Massachusetts Bay. The rocky peninsula in the town extends into the Bay and Salem Harbor. Marblehead is also rich in animal life, particularly the bird sanctuary. The town is also divided by the Forest River, with several small ponds dotting the entire landscape. There are 4 beaches, 6 yacht clubs, and 1 kayak center, making it a top destination for tourists and families moving from Boston to Marblehead.

History of Marblehead

Marblehead had a different name in the past. It was called Massebequash after a river that ran between the town and Salem. Massebequash was inhabited by a tribe known as the Naumkeag of the Pawtucket division. However, the epidemic that raged between 1615 and 1619 decimated the local population. The same smallpox epidemic wreaked further havoc in 1633. In later years, countless burial sites were found in the area containing victims of the smallpox plague. Then, in 1684, the Nanepashemet heirs sold the area containing about 3,700 acres to new settlers from Europe.

Marblehead then witnessed an influx of settlers, with the first being Joseph Doliber who arrived in 1629. From then on, the town grew in population and developed a fishing industry that boosted the local economy. Then, in May 1635, the Court of Massachusetts established Marblehead as a town on Salem’s land. This ruling was reversed shortly after however, Marblehead finally became an independent town in 1649. The history of Marblehead will be incomplete without mentioning Wilmot Redd. Wilmot was a resident of the town at the height of the Salem Witch trials. She was found guilty of witchcraft and was executed on September 22, 1692, by hanging. This black mark on the town’s history is still evident today, with landmarks recounting the experiences of the past.

Marblehead Ethnicity

There are over 20,000 people living in Marblehead, with roughly 8,838 households and 6000 families permanently residing in the area. Marblehead is majorly White, with 97.6% of the population being Caucasian, 0.1% Native American, 0.4% Black, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 1.0% Asian, 0.7% other races, and 0.7% of the population having two or more races. Marblehead also has a 0.9% Latino and Hispanic population.

Income in Marblehead

Marblehead has a thriving middle-income population with a median household income of $97,441. The median family income stands at $129,968, which is above the US average. Men earned more on average at $70,470 while women earned $44,988. Marblehead’s per capita income is $46,738, with about 4.3% of residents living below the poverty line.

Marblehead Landmarks and Sites

Marblehead is home to popular landmarks and sites, some of which attract quite a lot of visitors. In fact, many of the permanent residents moving from Boston to Marblehead do so because of the picturesque views and amazing sites in the town. Here are some of the popular sites in the town.

  • Driftwood
  • Castle Rock Park
  • Crocker Park
  • Herreshoff Castle
  • Crowninshield Island
  • The Landing on Front Street
  • Marblehead Historic District
  • Pleon Yacht Club
  • Little Harbor Boathouse
  • Marblehead Boathouse
  • Old North Church
  • Michael’s Church

Marblehead Education System

Marblehead has a public schooling system with the following schools

  • Bell School
  • Coffin School
  • Veterans Middle School
  • Marblehead High School
  • Glover School
  • Village School

This town is a great place to nurture kids because of the exceptionally high schooling standards. Marblehead High School is the best in the district, with 3051 students. The teacher to student ratio is 12:1. Based on the latest test scores, 68% of students in the district are proficient in mathematics, while 73% are proficient in reading.

Why living in Marblehead is such a good idea

Movers in Marblehead handle quite a lot of logistics for individuals and families moving from Boston to Marblehead. The nearness to water and the beachfront makes it a very lovely place to live. It is low in crime with a thriving, middle-class population. One of the most popular beaches in the area is called Devereux Beach on Ocean Avenue. Here groups relax and enjoy the view. It is also a perfect spot for those who enjoy water sports. This town in Massachusetts has yacht clubs for those who want to go out to sea.

The road infrastructure is also top-notch, so you can connect major road networks that take you to other counties. The schooling system is great, so you might also want to consider Marblehead on this basis alone. The security, quality amenities, and recreational facilities make it a very conducive location to live.

Moving to Marblehead

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