Are you looking forward to moving from Boston to Lynnfield? What we know as Lynnfield today was once two villages. The one was mostly a farming community, while the other was more mixed. Here you could find inns, a quarry and a soda bottler as well as a couple of places to eat. Then in about 1814, these two villages became one, and a very affluent one at that.

After World War Two, many people migrated to the area to enjoy the dances and horse shows that Lynnfield hosted. This influx allowed Lynnfield to grow into a more metropolitan suburban town.

The town now stands at just over ten square miles. The Ipswich River runs along its border and there are many little rivers in the town. On another border runs the Lynn Woods Reservation, and on another side is a National Guard Base. There are also a number of lakes, namely Suntaug Lake, Reedy Meadow, Pillings Pond, and Walden Pond.


Lynnfield has a population of approximately thirteen thousand people. Most of these people own their own homes. These homes generally have a value of about six-hundred and fifty thousand dollars. These people also own their own cars and drive about thirty minutes to get to work, where they earn, on average, fifty thousand dollars a year.


Schools in Lynnfield are some of the best. Lynnfield High School was ranked as one of the top five hundred schools in the United States. Here more than seventy percent of the students take at least one of the advanced programs the school offers. The math proficiency is one of the highest at ninety-eight percent, while reading proficiency is a whooping one hundred percent. Given these statistics, it is no wonder that ninety-eight percent of their students graduate. This leaves students ready for college.

There are of course many private schools as well as schools for younger students, but it is Lynnfield High that truly shows the brilliance of the schools in the area.

Notable people who come from Lynnfield

Besides a myriad of brilliant sportsmen who played in many world-renowned teams, there are many other famous people who have called Lynnfield home. Former FBI agent, turn criminal, John Connolly, also lived in Lynnfield. Connolly had ties to two criminals that the FBI was after. Because of this, he helped them avoid capture. He was convicted for this, murder, and other charges in 1999. The movie The Departed is based on his life.

The Olympic figure skater Nancy Kerrigan is also from Lynnfield. Kerrigan won silver and bronze medals in 1991 and 1992 respectively. She was then named the US National Figure Skating Champion in 1993, in 2004 she made it into the US Figure Skating hall of fame. Even after being attacked by her competitors, Ex-husband Kerrigan went on to win a silver in the 1994 Winter Olympics. Since then she has acted in a couple of movies and made an appearance on a number of TV shows.

Philip Nel is a world-renowned author who also lived in Lynnfield. He is most well known for his books analyzing the works of J.K Rowling and Dr. Seuss. Because of this, he has made appearances on a few TV shows.

The most well known of all is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who starred in The Fast and the Furious. The former WWE and WWF wrestler once called Lynnfield home. Talk about a strong reason to move there (pun intended).

Things to do

Of course, like most towns and cities in Massachusetts, Lynnfield has some gorgeous places to go for walks in nature and some beautiful old homes and museums. There are also things to do in Lynnfield that you can only do there.

Skeleton Key

This is an escape room. Here you will be locked in a room that looks like something from a lost world and you will have to solve puzzles and riddles to get clues to escape.

King’s Dining and Entertainment

Kings Dining & Entertainment is a franchise that can be found across America. However, each offers a unique experience tailored to suit the people of the town or city. Here you will be able to challenge your friends and family to a game of ten-pin-bowling, play video games from years gone by, eat delicious real American food while watching a game on the big screen, or listening to a live band.

Muse Paintbar

As the name suggests this is a unique space which offers you a place to do some painting and has drinks. You will get an art teacher to guide you through your piece and you can order some lovely snacks. It’s a great place to go with friends or on a date, either way, you’re sure to have a blast.

Yard House

If you enjoy craft beer, classic rock, and great company then this is the place for you. This bar serves great food, international drinks and has a classy yet cool atmosphere.

It’s Sugar

This is every sweet tooth’s heaven. Here they sell all kinds of candy a lot of which is based on sweets sold years ago. Once you’ve had some of their sweets nothing will ever be good enough again.

Pros of living in Lynnfield

Lynnfield has some of the best schools in the country.

It allows for a great combination of suburban life with plenty of outdoor space.

Crime rates are exceptionally low.

Moving from Boston to Lynnfield

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