Ipswich is a small town on the coast of Massachusetts. If you’re thinking of moving from Boston to Ipswich you should get to know the place first. Once you do you are sure to want to contact movers in Ipswich.

Jobs and homes

There are only just over fourteen thousand people who call Ipswich home. Most of these people who live here work in either sales, finance, management, information technology, mathematics-based fields, the arts, media, or design (of all types).

On average these professionals earn over fifty thousand dollars. This means the total income per household is almost one hundred thousand dollars.

Homes in the area are rather pricey. On average a house in Ipswich will cost you just over six hundred thousand. This is still lower than Boston itself. On average homes in Boston are over fifty thousand dollars more. Now is a good time to contact movers in Ipswich.

This means if you are moving from Boston to Ipswich you are more than likely going to be able to join the seventy percent of the population who are homeowners. If not there are great places to rent too. Rentals can cost as little as two thousand dollars a month.

Ipswich for the whole family

If you are moving from Boston to Ipswich for the kids that is great too. There are many families that live in Ipswich. This allows for children and parents to create bonds.

Ipswich is also part of a great school district. In fact, according to Niche, Ipswich High School rates number 10 in Massachusetts. More than half of the adults in the town are career-driven individuals with college degrees. This helps children strive to do their best too. The community shapes them into driven individuals themselves.

Something that worries many parents is whether their child will be safe. Ipswich is one of the safest places in the United States. So your children will definitely be safe.

Boston is only nineteen percent safer than the rest of America. Whereas, Ipswich is eighty-six percent safer. It really is a good thing to think about moving from Boston to Ipswich. With statistics like this, I’d certainly start looking for movers in Ipswich.

History of Ipswich

John Winthrop the Younger discovered Ipswich. His father was one of the first to colonize the Massachusetts area in 1630. On arrival, they stopped in Agawam before moving further south to Charlestown where others had already settled. In fact, in June of 1630, in Agawam, John Winthrop (the father) had a party on his ship. He invited the chief of the area to this party.

Sadly, in the winter of that year, many of the colonists passed away because they did not have enough food or proper health care. When almost all the food had run out, a British ship arrived in Boston. John Winthrop decided to ask his family to move to America from England. Many months later – in November, his second wife Margaret and their children arrived. This is also when his first son (who wasn’t Margaret’s child) arrived.

John the Younger lived with his family for three years until moving away to Agawam. He had heard that this area was no longer inhabited by Indian Tribes, even though when his father stopped there were many Indians living there. He also heard that the land was beautiful and there was even a harbor.

John decided to take a ship, along with twelve other men, and move to Agawam. It was only in 1634 that Agawam became known as Ipswich. Some of the other men on the ship went on to discover other places in Massachusetts.

These settlers began to farm the land, fish and build ships. A river fed the land which allowed them to use water power for the mills. The coastal ecosystem helped them to produce hay for the animals. The town also became known for its lace. This lace is the only bobbin lace in the United States that was handmade and became an industry of its own.

What makes Ipswich even more famous is the fact that it is known as the ‘Birthplace of American Independence’. In 1687 the people of Ipswich protested against the idea of them being taxed by Britain Many people in Ipswich were actually arrested because of this protest.

In later years the town’s harbor became less busy. Ships which came to America went to bigger harbors nearby instead. One ship did stop in Ipswich in 1822 though. A machine that had been smuggled from Britain was in this ship. What was this machine? A stocking-making machine. This allowed Ipswich to become more industrialized. In fact, A. A Lawrence opened a stocking factory in 1886. By the 1900s it was one of the biggest stocking factories in America.

It is believed that in 1878, Ipswich was the location of one of the final witch trials. The last person on trial was part of the Christian Science church. Apparently, this man had supernatural mental powers. He was on trial for using these to cause others suffering.

A building that is now used as an events venue was built in 1928. A wealthy businessman from Chicago – Richard Crane Junior – built what he thought was a slice of paradise in Ipswich in 1910. Sadly his wife did not like the place. They made a deal that if she still hated the place after ten years it would be replaced. His wife stuck with her opinion. Crane, therefore, built her the Great House in 1928. The Trustees of Reservation inherited the mansion after Crane’s death.

Ipswich was always ahead of its time. Ipswich opened a school for girls – Ipswich Female Seminary – in 1928. Then in more recent years (2012-2018), the town manager was a female!

Ipswich today

Ipswich has a rich history so there are many historical sites to visit. Because of the sheer number of artists in the community, there are also beautiful artworks to see in Ipswich. There are also beautiful beaches with many fun activities along the shoreline. And like most of Massachusetts, there are conservation areas so the community can enjoy nature.

Movers in Ipswich

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