Are you moving from Boston to Burlington? Burlington is an industrial, suburban town in Massachusetts just on the junction of the Boston-Merrimack corridor. Despite its industrial nature now, it was largely agricultural for most of its history. It is a popular place for those looking to leave the large urban area of Boston for a smaller town.


Burlington lies on the Ipswich, Swawsheen, and Mystic River watersheds. It is on the eastern side of Massachusetts bordered by Billerica to the north, Bedford to the west, Woburn to the southeast, Lexington to the south and Wilmington to the northeast. Those moving from Boston to Burlington do not need to travel too far to escape the Boston city life. Burlington is just 12 miles northwest of the city.

The Lay of the Land

Geographically, Burlington has a high point of Greenleaf Mountain, which lies at 290 feet above sea level). The lowest point is Great Meadow, at 46 feet above sea level. Mill Pond Reservoir in the town’s eastern part is its largest body of water. Its area is a total of 11.9 square miles.

Burlington’s History

Movers in Burlington should learn a little about its history. Allegedly, Burlington took its name from Bridlington, the English seaside resort in Yorkshire. The first settlers arrived in 1641 and it became an official town in 1799. You can still see a few of the early homesteads today with Francis Wyman House being one example, which dates from 1666.

The Demographics of Burlington

The town’s population in 2010 was 24,498 and this was made up of just over 9,668 households and 6,3474 families. The town is largely white in race, with 79.2% of the population falling into this category. The remainder of the population is 3.3% black, 13.4% Asian, 2.4% Latino or Hispanic with other smaller percentages of Native Americans, Pacific Islanders or other races.

Of the 8,289 households in the town, 32.6% were occupied by children and 65% were the homes of married couples. The median age for a Burlington inhabitant is 38 years of age. Those moving from Boston to Burlington are often those who fall into the young family bracket. Stairhopper Movers has helped many young families move to Burlington with many of them looking for more suburban life and to escape the city. That said, there is still plenty to occupy those used to a bustling and busy life.

Businesses in Burlington

Despite its agricultural history in the hops and rye growing industries, the building of Route 128 introduced an expansion to the town. From 1955 to 1965, Burlington grew faster than any other town in the state of Massachusetts. The population grew to three times its original size in one period of five years making it into a professional and residential hub. As such, the median household income is a promising $95,465 and only 4.7% of the population lives below the poverty line. This median income is growing year on year. For professionals moving from Boston to Burlington, they will likely find people in similar financial positions to themselves.

The Town’s Educational Prospects

If you are moving to Burlington with a young family you will, of course, be interested in the town’s educational facilities and prospects for young people. There are six schools in the town: four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. There are also several private schools. For working families, there is a popular Before and After School Program and a pre-school program. For those moving into higher education, the Northeastern University campus is in the town of Burlington.

Burlington’s Points of Interest

Movers in Burlington are often interested in what the town has to offer. There are many open green spaces in the town including Simonds Park and the Town Common. There are also many recreational facilities and parks for the public which include baseball fields, gymnasia, tennis courts, basketball courts, soccer fields, a skatepark, and an indoor skating rink.

Aside from sports facilities, there is also a public library near the Town Common and there is the Burlington Historical Museum. The town boasts Burlington Sculpture park as an attractive beauty spot for picnics or quiet moments. Additionally, the area includes the Mill Pond Conservation Area which includes more than 140 acres. For those that like cycling or walking, there are many access points and trails to follow.

Another popular spot for such recreational activities is the Burlington Landlocked Forest also commonly referred to as the Burlington Landlocked Parcel. This area is 270 acres and spans many borders of nearby towns. There are over 12 miles of biking or hiking trails and boast an array of wildlife, historic structures such as stone walls, old forests, and meadows.

Moving to Burlington

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