Andover is a town in Massachusetts’ Essex County. This town first witnessed the first set of settlers in 1642 and was incorporated 4 years later in 1646. If you plan moving from Boston to Andover, you ought to know a lot about the area before you initiate the move. Andover has a population of 33,201 and is part of the metropolitan area of Boston-Cambridge-Quincy and New Hampshire. Furthermore, Andover derives its name from Andover, Hampshire, in England.

In this article, we will review some important facts and information about Andover to give you a firsthand detail about all you need to know about one of Massachusetts’s foremost towns.

History of Andover Town

The town that is today known as Andover Town was part of an inland plantation. The area was eventually set apart by the Massachusetts General Court in 1634. The land was culled from North Andover, Andover, and part of South Lawrence. To further encourage settlers to move into the area, the authorities offered new colonists from Europe and other parts of America an exemption from levies, taxes, and services, with only military services being the only exemption. According to available data, the first settler in Andover was John Woodbridge, who established a settlement in 1642.

Alongside John Woodbridge were a group of settlers who arrived from Ipswich and Newbury. The new group of settlers bought land from a local tribal chief by the name Cutshamache for a price of 6 pounds and a coat with the condition that a local native will be given the freedom to plant his corn and source alewives from the water source in the area. The stream, Roger’ Brook, is named in his honor and remains till this day.

Andover was also affected by the Salem Witch trials of 1692 when a resident by the name of Joseph Ballard asked for help on behalf of his wife from several girls in Salem Village. The girls claimed that Joseph’s wife had been bewitched by several people in Andover. During the trials that followed, more than 40 people, mostly women and children were accused of witchcraft and making a covenant with the devil. Most of them were executed and the few who escaped death were granted clemency by Gov. William Phips.

Geography of Andover

Andover has a total square area of 32.1 square miles. 31.0 square miles is land and the remaining 1.1 square miles is water. Some of the areas with significant water bodies include Haggetts Pond, Shawsheen River, Fosters Pond, and Pomps Pond. Andover also has several glaciers, including glacial erratic, eskers, and drumlins. The town is located about 4 miles from Lawrence and 22 miles north of Boston. The western part of the town connects with the Merrimack River, with several towns and reserves situated all around it.

Ethnicity of Andover

If you had plans of moving from Boston to Andover, it will interest you to know that there are residents of almost every ethnic group you can imagine. White Caucasians are the most dominant group in Andover with 91.60% of the entire population. 0.75% are African Americans, Native Americans are 0.06 of the population. Asians are 5.73%, Pacific Islanders are 0.04%, other races constitute 0.84% with about 0.99% of the population having two or more racial makeup. Hispanics and Latinos in Andover make up 1.81%.

Public Schools in Andover

One reason why many people find moving from Boston to Andover an attractive proposition is because the public schools in the area are top notch. Couples with school age children find Andover schools to be very conducive for their kids. Some of the schools in Andover include

  • K-5 Schools – West Elementary, Bancroft, Shawsheen, South, High Plain, Sanborn
  • Middle Schools – Doherty, Wood Hill, West Middle
  • High Schools – Andover High Schools

Private Schools

  • The Pike School
  • Phillips Academy
  • Andover Montessori School
  • Saint Augustine Catholic School

Higher Education

  • Massachusetts School of Law

In terms of test proficiency, Andover schools also score very highly among schools taking the same tests in Massachusetts State. The student to teacher ratio in Andover public schools is 13:1 with 67% of the student population being proficient in math and a reading proficiency rating of 72%.

Economy and Income Bracket of Andover

Andover has a thriving economy influenced by small and large scale enterprises. The town also has a burgeoning entrepreneurial population. One of the leading companies in the town is Mercury Systems listed in the S&P 400 index. Another S&P indexed company in the area is Vicor Corporation. Andover is also home to several regional offices of corporations, some of which include Pfizer, Raytheon, Schneider Electric and Philips. These notable companies fuel the economy of the town alongside other small and medium scale business enterprises. Their presence in Andover has led to a growth in median income. The median family income is $144,685 while the household income is $118,324. Men earn higher incomes on average above $100,000 while women earned $62,532 on average. The per capita income of the area is $53,378 with less than 5% of the population living below the poverty line.

The financial success of Andover has influenced the logistics operations of movers in Andover who handle a lot of moves on behalf of clients moving from Boston to Andover. Andover is also home to more than a few millionaires with 217 residents earning more than $1 million per annum accounting for one millionaire per 157 people.

Life in Andover

Life in Andover is exciting but equally peaceful. It is not overpopulated, but filled with serene landmarks and green areas. Movers in Andover will tell you that this town is one of the best places to live, not only in Essex County but in Massachusetts as a whole. The suburban location of the town makes it the perfect destination for those who love the peaceful and serene life in the suburbs.

Moving to Andover

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