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Wrentham today

Wrentham is home to little over twelve thousand people. Despite the high cost of homes in the area more than eighty percent of the population own their homes. These homes are worth an average of five hundred and fifty-five thousand dollars. With the average income being well over fifty thousand dollars the people here can afford these homes.

The high-income rate is due to the fact that most people in Wrentham work white-collar jobs. And like many places in Massachusetts, they have a large number of people in the technological and mathematical fields.

Many of these working professionals have degrees and even masters in their respective fields. Other than the tech and math industries people here work in law, healthcare, and other science-orientated fields.

Because of this wealth of knowledge, it is a great place to raise children to become learned as well. Furthermore, the families who call Wrentham home give the place a welcoming feel.

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Wrentham’s History

Originally this land was home to Native American Indians. This was home to them because the lakes provided them with food and water. Because of this, they called it Wollomonopoag meaning ‘Place of Shells’.

Europeans who first traveled to the area were very excited to develop the land and form a community. Ironically, they were not required to buy the land from the Natives, but rather from King Philip. However, due to complications with land trade, this took many years. When development did take place and the land was cultivated, it was eventually burned down in a war.

In the early 1900s, Helen Keller lived in Wrentham. Keller is best known for her work as a political activist and author. She was both deaf and blind. But this did not stop her from fighting for the rights of others. Because of this, she is an inspiration to anyone who feels that their disabilities mean that they can be heroes or follow their dreams.

Things to do it Wrentham

Visit the Lake

Lakes: Archer, Mirror, and Pearl are what make Wrentham famous. It was these lakes that gave Wrentham its first name – Wollomonopoag.

Lake Archer

This is a private paradise. Lake Arches is shaped like a figure eight. Sixty homes surround the picturesque lake. Most Families live here all year round. But, many of these used to simply be holiday homes. Those who live in the area are able to come here to swim and fish. Even in winter when the lake becomes a rink, people grab their rids, drill holes in the ice, and fish. Those lucky enough to have boats or jet skis, use this lake to sail into a dreamland, speed across the water, or simply take in the natural beauty of the place. Birds and other wildlife (like turtles). The lakeside residents are close and sometimes host barbeques together. This is a beautifully peaceful, and fun place to bring, or better yet raise, a family. (Time to contact movers in Wrentham).

Legend has it that Helen Keller swam in the lake years before. A swimming costume found in one of the cottages along the lake is believed to have been hers.

Lake Pearl

Lake Pearl is not just a great place to swim and picnic. There are also multiple venues that allow you to celebrate while taking in the magnificent view. Weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary celebrations- this is the perfect place for you to create memories.

Wrentham State Forest and F. Gilbert Hills State Forest

These are incredible places for hiking and cycling.

Gilbert Hills State Forest has streams that cascade over rocks. And Wrentham forest has mountain trails. There are also interesting rock formations and beautiful birds that call the forests home.

For fresh air, exercise, or peace in nature visiting one of the area’s forests (or lakes) is perfect.

The Big Apple Farm

This is fun for the whole family. You can pick apples, go on hayrides or enjoy the delicious apple pies and cider. Because of all this, the farm has a festive atmosphere. The food is made with love. You can taste it.

Wrentham Country Store

A dream comes true for anyone who loves antiques. They sell beautiful old furniture. This is a great place to find lovely pieces to add to your home. Contact movers in Wrentham to move all these old-new goods and the rest of your furniture.

Supercharged Entertainment

This is a five-star entertainment center. In fact, it is the world’s biggest go-karting center. It is more than one story of pure fun. There is also a Ninja Warrior Arena, arcade games (with epic prizes to be won), and a great pub and grill. This is an absolute must for people who even pass-through Wrentham.

Wrentham Village Premium Outlets

This is one of the region’s biggest malls. If you like to shop till you drop this is the place for you. They have every brand you can think of and more. There’s even transport from hotels in the area to this shopping dreamland.

The Patriots Hall of Fame

Just ten minutes from Wrentham center in neighboring Foxborough, you will find The Patriots Hall of Fame. This is a museum with a twist. It uses technology and allows visitors to interact with the displays. Because the displays are changed regularly you can visit numerous times and still enjoy the place. The Hall includes exhibits about people and places pertaining to the Super Bowl. Your dream of being part of the Super Bowl can become virtual reality at this brilliant modern museum.

Movers in Wrentham

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