Middlesex County has been voted as one of the most peaceful places to live in America. Wide-open spaces and luscious parks, tree-lined lanes and knowing your neighbor. These are just some of the things that make Massachusetts a great place to put down roots.

Winchester is by no means the smallest town in Massachusetts with a 2020 census population of 22 979 people. Winchester is only 8.2 miles from Boston. This makes it a perfect place to live for people that work in Boston. The short commute from Winchester to Boston is often done on the train. This trip takes around 15 minutes and the cost is from 3-8 dollars. Making it both efficient and economical.

Coming home to a place like Winchester after a long day at work cannot be beaten. The picturesque town with its natural beauty is soothing and quiet. Winchester was home to a host of famous people. Listed notable people include Bob Bigelow the basketball player, John Cazale who portrayed Fredo in the Godfather, the gymnast Alicia Sacramone.

Architectural Influences

Winchester, Massachusetts is a beautiful town. The well-maintained buildings are from a bygone era where houses were large and post-card worthy. Looking at the houses the main architectural influence in the town is largely colonial. This could be because most of the homes in this town are actually quite old, but they look like they were completed recently. The transportation back in time is due to the pride the community takes in their town. This pride means that the homes are kept in good repair and peeling paint is not a common sight. More modern buildings are a part of the landscape of course.  Apartment buildings dot the town but still respect the feel of this charming town.

To see the oldest structure in Winchester, head to the Johnston-Thompson House; this house was built in 1750. 1989 saw this house listed with the National Register of Historic Places.


Winchester has a lot to offer in the way of leisure time. You will be just about ready to contact a company of movers in Winchester like Stairhoppers when you read all about Mystic Lake. A body of water that lies within the town borders, which is 1 meter above sea level. Visiting Mystic Lake with your picnic basket and family is a splendid day out, but, make sure you follow the procedures of the park, to ensure that you and your fellow beachgoers have a fun-filled day. `

Fun on the water can be found at more places than just Mystic Lake. Splash Park is a park with 19 different activities, for a fun day for kids.

Looking for something a little different, Amesbury has a unique experience waiting for you. Snowtubing. They make snow, so you can enjoy this fun sport all year round. Amesbury Sports Park has various trails for you to enjoy. When you get to the start of your trail, you hop on your tube and away you go. Remember to wear a helmet.

You will never be short of things to do in Winchester.


Winchester costs are higher than the average in Massachusetts. Winchester is an affluent town. It is the 7th wealthiest town in the state. Studies have shown it is one of the nicest places to live. Though the housing is significantly higher in cost, some apartments are affordable in the area.

There are some truly magnificent houses in the area. Professionals that work in nearby Boston use this peaceful town as their home.

Money put towards one of these stunning properties in Winchester, will be well spent. When you call movers in Winchester to move your goods into your new home, you will fall in love with your house every time you walk through the front door.


Winchester public schools are a great place to send your children. The town is friendly and the school system has been praised. The public schools have achieved brilliant scores on the MCAS exams. This is good news for all the parents in Winchester. There are private schools in the area as well. Some of these schools have been around for over a hundred years and have a very good reputation.

Your children will have a wonderful experience at the schools in Winchester. Friendly community-orientated senses are carried forward to the school community.

Green mission

Winchester is one of the 18 Massachusetts communities that have undertaken to make the world a greener place. They have committed to a mission in sustainable energy. Winchester has installed solar panels and LED street lights to curb the reliance on fossil fuels to provide electricity and energy for the community.

Winchester town has saved a spectacular $50 000 annually by the installation of the LED lights. This money will go back into the community.

Moving to Winchester

You have decided to move to Winchester, which is great. Or have you decided to upgrade, or downgrade, your home size. Depending, of course, on your needs. The first thing you need to do is get hold of one of the property experts in the area. When you find the house of your dreams do your research on the area, the transport in the area, as well as the schooling if you have children.

You found your house and you are ready to start your future. Call movers in Winchester to make sure you get professional service. You want your belongings to arrive at your new home in the same condition they left your old home in. Movers will treat your furniture and belongings with care and respect.

You are all unpacked and ready to see the sights. The first thing you need to do is find a coffee shop in your area, for those lazy days. Good coffee, good food and good company are important, especially when you are new to a place.  There are so many fine coffee shops to choose from, you may need to try them all to find your favorite.

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